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Maquet Moduevo Operating Rooms solutions

Maquet Moduevo Operating rooms solutions
Maquet Moduevo Operating rooms solutions
Maquet Moduevo ceiling supply units  Operating rooms solutions

Maquet Moduevo Operating Rooms solutions

Enabling surgeries

During surgery, every action counts. Healthcare staff want to focus on the patient – not on equipment and utilities. As a highly ergonomic, efficient solution, Maquet Moduevo Ceiling Supply Units allows staff to concentrate on the patients and not on the devices.

Improving workflows in the OR

During surgery, every action counts. Healthcare staff want to focus on the patient – not on equipment and utilities. When developing its Maquet Moduevo line of ceiling supply units, Getinge put itself in the shoes of these professionals – and created a highly ergonomic, efficient solution that allows staff to concentrate on the patient and not the device. 

Discover how Maquet Moduevo has improved Aarhus University Hospital's (Denmark) surgical procedures.


An answer to daily challenges

The Maquet Moduevo ceiling supply units range ensure vital utilities and equipment are easily accessible, streamlining workflows and improving efficiency. Simple to implement and use, they enable better organization of resources, increasing productivity – and consequently, decreasing costs.

Application areas

Maquet Moduevo ceiling supply units for operating rooms

Lifting solutions for anesthesia workstations

Maquet Moduevo’s lifting solution ensures that all anesthetic procedures are carried out in an optimal workflow environment.

  • High standards for hygiene and ergonomics in the operating room: with the anesthesia machine off the floor, air circulation in the OR is improved and easy cleaning is made possible, therefore improving room turnaround.
  • Motorized arm Energy to adjust the distributor's height and the anesthesia machine at the same time. Both can be positioned at the desired and optimal working height.
  • Cargolift to lift the anesthesia machine from the floor and position it at the right level
Maquet Moduevo ceiling supply units optimizing space in the OR

Maquet Moduevo Sky distributor: optimizing space

In Operating Rooms, Sky can be used for anesthesia stations and thanks to its optimized head clearance, the distributor can be placed in a safe way. Available in different versions, Sky can also be equipped with adjustable shelves in order to support medical devices as well as the complete Maquet Moduevo range of accessories.

Download the Maquet Moduevo Sky flyer

Maquet Moduevo ceiling supply units for endoscopy stations

Architectural support for minimally invasive surgery

Minimally invasive surgery requires its own equipment and room lighting. With Maquet Moduevo’s exceptional loading capacity and flexibility, the requirements for MIS can be easily met.

  • Up to 350 kg / 771 lbs loading capacity can carry all essential endoscopy equipment.
  • Mounted monitor arm to hold the video monitor.
  • Maquet Moduevo Screen Holder: provides accurate guidance and navigation throughout the intervention, increasing precision, better hand-eye coordination, while speeding up the procedure. Compatible with large format screens up to 66” and multiple screens up to 32’’.
  • Ambient lighting on the sides, top, and bottom of the supply unit enables nurses and other medical staff to complete their tasks in the dark environment required for endoscopic surgery
  • Endoscopy solution with high load capacity of up to 350 kg.
Maquet Moduevo Operating rooms solutions

Enhanced vision for Hybrid Rooms

In Hybrid Operating Rooms, advanced imaging play a major role by enabling surgeons to see inside the human body in greater detail and higher resolution. Maquet Moduevo Screen holders range answers to this trend by offering flexible configurations. Compatible with large format screens up to 66” and multiple screens up to 32’’, it can display any full-HD or 4K information such as X-rays and endoscopic pictures, vital signs and patient files.

Download the Maquet Moduevo Screen Holder flyer

Benefits at a glance

Maquet Moduevo workstations are simple to install, intuitive to use, and swift to configure - benefits that translate into greater productivity, efficiency and flexibility.

Maquet Moduevo Intensive care and recovery solutions


Ergonomic Positioning System (EPoS)

  • Components and accessories – even those requiring a power supply – can be added and removed in line with changing needs
  • They can be freely positioned on every face of the unit module, and at any height
  • Customized workstations can be created easily and quickly, ensuring everything remains within easy reach
Maquet Moduevo Operating rooms solutions


Grab & Move Handle

  • Breaks new ground in terms of intuitive positioning.
  • When grasped, its capacitive sensing technology releases the unit‘s brakes.
  • Enables staff to intuitively move the pendants to the desired position simply, with just one hand and minimal physical effort.
  • This design approach allows each configuration to evolve in line with the hospital‘s daily challenges.
Maquet Moduevo Intensive Care and recovery solutions


Electro-magnetic Brakes

  • Maquet Moduevo‘s pioneering electro-magnetic brakes are absolutely silent, enhancing patient comfort – and virtually no maintenance is required.
  • Staff can rest assured of seamlessly smooth, controlled movements, and enjoy Maquet Moduevo‘s broad range of movement.
  • Staff can reposition the ceiling supply unit without disturbing patients.