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OR Management

Color-coded- surgery-in-the-Getinge-Torin-OR-management-software-solution

OR Management

Planning, management and optimization of your surgical department

Torin enables surgical departments to manage their surgical flow through long-term and daily planning, real-time progress updates and performance analysis. All to provide overview, structure workflows and utilize resources more efficiently.

AI-based prediction of surgery times

Maximize resource utilization and enhance coordination with the Torin OR management solution.


Torin is the OR management solution that allows you to plan, manage and optimize the surgical flow for maximized resource utilization, enhanced coordination, and the best possible care for patients.

Efficient surgical planning with Torin OR management

OR management plays a key role in the surgical department at Klinikum Stuttgart in Germany. Read the case story how implementing our Torin OR management solution helped improve surgical planning and quality care.

Download the Torin customer story

OR management in three levels,
matching your facility's needs


Torin Planning

User-friendly OR scheduling and visual overviews.


Torin Progress

On-time execution and complete documentation.


Torin Optimization

Business Intelligence for optimized decision support.

Key Benefits


AI-based OR planning and surgical waiting list management

Torin supports improvement of the OR plan accuracy by providing AI-based
prediction of surgery times. Increased plan accuracy will reduce delayed or
canceled surgeries on day schedule so that costs are reduced. Staff and
patient satisfaction is increased.
The Torin interface allows you to plan, prioritize, and reschedule the short- and long-term surgery appointments. The solution automatically checks for resource and staff conflicts so that you can avoid double bookings.

Waiting lists can be efficiently managed with Torin which provides ranking of
the surgical backlog and OR capacity planning. The system proposes a preschedule for the upcoming weeks which can be used to quickly schedule the
surgical backlog.
Performance data is captured in the system and presented in visual digital
overviews or downloadable reports, enabling hospital management to make
better hospital-wide decisions.


Improve coordination with real-time progression updates

Torin improves the way coordinators and staff collaborate both in and across departments. From inside the OR, staff share surgery progress updates in real-time, providing the OR manager with overviews across all rooms. Progress information can also be shared across departments, allowing others to organize their workflow accordingly. All staff have access to the same updated information, which reduces need for phone coordination and minimizes disruptions.

OR-nurse-documents-surgical procedure-data-in-Torin-the-OR-management-solution-from-Getinge

Capture data for a safer patient experience

Torin captures and timestamps all steps in the surgical patient journey, ensuring complete documentation of the patient care pathway. This includes surgery information and notes, and a record of the instruments and implants used during the surgical procedure. Diagnostic and procedural codes can be integrated into the system to support a standardized and safe environment.

Nurse holding patient's hand

Ensure a calm care environment for patients

Implementing standardized checklists in the surgical workflow promotes patient safety, without adding complexity for the staff. And with accurate and updated information available, Torin supports communication to patients and their relatives. Patients experience the reassurance of a well-organized, calm hospital with surgeries that run according to schedule.

Key Features

Torin comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface for day-to-day and long-term scheduling. The solution offers customizable booking templates for fast and smooth surgery planning and allows OR managers to reserve operating rooms, equipment and instruments needed for a specific surgery and assign the preferred staff for the day. 

In case of delays, emergencies and other deviations, Torin enables OR managers to quickly postpone or prolong a surgery, automatically shifting all subsequent appointments to a later start time. The solution automatically checks for potential conflicts to avoid incoherencies and gaps, ensuring a more cost-effective and structured surgery plan.

Torin generates comprehensive surgery documentation based on system updates through registration of each step in the surgical patient journey. This entails a full log of e.g. incision and suture times, implants and instruments used, and assigned staff. Torin also supports customizable checklists to ensure that all pre-, peri- and post-operative procedures are carried out in due time. All are time-stamped and added to the surgical record for later review, providing an accurate cost calculation for financial support.

In addition, the solution supports integration of diagnostic and procedural codes to support a standardized and safe environment.

Torin provides OR managers and surgical staff with visual, color-coded overviews of the short-term surgical plan for fast identification of ongoing and future procedures in each operating room. As the surgeries progress, status changes from inside the operating room are shared in real-time across all relevant screens, allowing the OR manager to adjust subsequent surgeries accordingly.

Torin provides hospital managers with a unique analytics tool for monitoring and documenting predefined targets for further processing and analysis. The analytics part of the solution provides a high degree of decision support through capacity forecasts and business intelligence. The graphs revealing potential planning gaps, inefficiencies and thus improvement areas to be considered in the future.

Key performance indicators can be defined and displayed on screens in the department or visualized in reports. Set up to depict the daily, weekly, monthly or yearly performance and flow in and across departments. Data stems from the continuous use of Torin, as every registration reveals how the surgical flow is managed.

Torin is unique in offering integration to Getinge’s sterile supply management and OR integration solutions, T-DOC and Tegris.

With Torin, CSSDs using T-DOC gain access to updates of the surgery schedule for better planning of the instrument flow. The integration also allows OR managers to order and perform live availability checks of surgical instruments. This supports managing the OR surgery plan and identifying potential problems in due time.

Torin enables staff to adjust according to preferences, load and availabilities and keep the surgery schedule on time. The integration to Tegris allows staff to display the surgery plan on any screen within the OR during the surgery.

6 steps to prioritize and manage your surgical waiting list

Manage surgery backlogs and surgical waiting lists through proactive patient prioritization planning. With Torin OptimalQ, you're just steps away from having a prioritized surgery schedule.

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Explore the world of OR management and the many ways in which Getinge can help you establish structured workflows that improve the hospital experience for patients, staff and management.