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对肺水肿 (ELWI) 及其病因 (PVPI) 进行血流动力学分析和定量,让医生得以快速确定治疗方案。

PiCCO 故障排除指南

用于配有 PiCCO 模块的PulsioFlex

PiCCO 病例:Sepsis, ARDS

PiCCO 病例:Sepsis, ARDS - 如何解释肺水肿患者的血流动力学参数


Getinge PiCCO

PiCCO 故障排除指南

用于配有 PiCCO 模块的PulsioFlex

PiCCO and PulsioFlex Setup

PiCCO and PulsioFlex Setup_ICU Hemodynamic Monitoring detecting lung water with ELWI, PVPI

Analysis of hemodynamic parameters with PiCCO

Quantification of pulmonary edema (ELWI, PVPI) and analysis of hemodynamic parameters with PiCCO.

PiCCO Case: Sepsis, ARDS

PiCCO Case: Sepsis, ARDS - How to interprete hemodynamic parameters of an ICU patient with pulmonary edema