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Sensation Plus® 7.5Fr.&8Fr. 主动脉内球囊导管

sensation plus catheter product box
sensation plus iab catheter illustration

Sensation Plus® 7.5Fr.&8Fr. 主动脉内球囊导管









Sensation Plus是改进血液动力学支持的创新技术, 它提供Getinge易于使用的IAB光纤技术的所有优势,以及大容量IAB所能够提供的更好的临床效果。随着新的光纤Sensation Plus 7.5 Fr 40cc IAB的引入,新的光纤技术反搏治疗现在也适用于身高5英尺到5英尺4英寸(152 - 162 cm)的患者。



新款Sensation Plus IAB代表了IAB导管设计的先进水平,所提供的患者支持、舒适性和易用性优于Getinge以往提供的任何IAB导管。更快的设置和更容易的患者管理成为标准。






Sensation Plus是Getinge全新的利用光纤技术优势的导管。光纤的优势使更快开始治疗、患者管理更容易、即时清晰的动脉压力波形和自动自动体内校准。

  • 更快的治疗时间
  • 自动体内校准
  • 瞬时信号传输
  • 即时清晰的动脉压波形
  • 低电平输出能力


诸如Sensation Plus等大容量球囊可在心脏舒张期间置换主动脉中更多的血液,从而改善反搏压,降低负荷。*

  • 更多的血容量置换
  • 更多舒张期增压
  • 更多收缩降负
  • 身高5英尺至5英尺4英寸(152 - 162 cm)的患者可使用40cc球囊
  • 身高高于5英尺4英寸(162 cm)的患者可使用50cc球囊。



  • 鞘管和IAB导管置入仅采用一根导丝(0.025英寸)
  • 特殊的球囊卷叠技术,无降阶
  • 共腔0.027英寸内腔设计,可保证可靠的压力传感器信号
  • 专有的IAB膜:耐磨性提高43%*,穿刺阻力降低,启动时立即打开





Catalin Boiangiu,医学博士,新泽西州纽瓦克贝斯以色列医疗中心心脏病学科研究员;和Marc Cohen,医学博士,心脏病科主任;新泽西州纽瓦克贝斯以色列医疗中心心脏病学科主任,心脏学奖学金,纽约西奈山医学院医学教授。


We report the enhanced augmentation of cardiac output in a 60-year-old man who underwent percutaneous coronary intervention with drug-eluting stent implantation for a large anteroseptal ST-segment-elevation myocardial infarction. Because of persistent systemic hypotension during the procedure, a 50 cc, 8 Fr. MEGA® intra-aortic balloon was inserted, used for 24 hours, and removed without complications. The use of this new balloon — with larger blood volume displacement but smaller caliber at the insertion site — significantly increased cardiac output in 1:1, 1:2, and 1:3 assist modes, by more than 15%, 9%, and 4%, respectively. These findings exceed the average augmentations reported for smaller-volume balloon catheters.

新型大容量50cc IAB用于高风险PCI改善血流动力学的研究

Pradeep K.Nair,医学博士,Sun Scolieri,医学博士,Ashley B.Lee,医学博士


A primary cause of adverse outcomes among high-risk patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) may be a diminished capacity to tolerate the hemodynamic and ischemic insults that can occur during the procedure. A common means of mechanical support during PCI has been the intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP). We describe successful periprocedural mechanical support with a new, 50 cc IABP in a patient with both severe left ventricular dysfunction and extensive coronary arteriosclerosis, for whom PCI with stenting was indicated. The prophylactic use of this 50 cc IABP, which traditionally would be contraindicated because of the patient's height (162.6 cm), markedly increased the diastolic aortic pressure (by ~110 mmHg) over the baseline level, while promptly reducing left-sided heart pressures. This finding appears to exceed the average diastolic augmentation reported for smaller-volume balloons. Although the role of the IABP in high-risk PCI remains controversial, further research is warranted to clarify and compare this new 50 cc IABP to smaller-volume balloons, and ascertain whether the observed hemodynamic benefits can translate into improved clinical outcomes among patients requiring mechanical support during PCI.


A case demonstration of a 90-year-old patient, who had bypass surgery 20 years ago, with a left ventricular ejection fraction of approximately 24%. This patient had an occluded vein graft to the right coronary artery (RCA) and diffuse disease of the circumflex at multiple areas. SENSATION PLUS® 8Fr. 50cc IAB (Maquet) was used to support this complex intervention.


LINEAR® 7.5Fr. IAB 导管

具有创新的薄膜和7.5 Fr大小的尺寸。


MEGA 7.5Fr. & 8Fr. IAB导管

MEGA IAB系列为每位患者提供更大的血流动力学支持和更佳的疗效。


Sensation® 7Fr. 主动脉内球囊反搏导管