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Cheng the Kung Fu fighter

Kung Fu keeps him strong all day long

Inspired by his father and the great actor Jet Li, Cheng Xiang Yao found his passion for Kung Fu at an early age. Still today, the sport gives him strength and inner peace.

Cheng Xiang Yao loved Kung Fu already as a child, inspired by his father who was an enthusiastic practitioner. The wish to become a Kung Fu fighter grew even deeper when he started watching action movies starring the famous actor Jet Li.

“At that time, I think many boys dreamed about learning Kung Fu and kick the bad guys like Jet Li did. I was so fascinated and wondered when and how I could become as powerful as the hero in the movies,” says Cheng.

Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the oldest and most famous styles of Kung Fu, originating from the Shaolin temple in the province of Henan, where Cheng is from. He started training in the local parks every day. It takes a lot of self-discipline, but according to Cheng practice is needed on a daily basis in order to stay in good shape and keep the skills alive.

“Kung Fu makes me feel confident, healthy and powerful inside. When I left the Henan province to move to Suzhou I continued to practice it and joined a great Kung Fu club where we constantly keep progressing by learning from each other,” tells Cheng.

Sometimes he is performing on stage too, and he has actually designed his very own Kung Fu show called The Legend of the Drunken Master.

“One day I dream of opening my own Kung Fu Club. But the biggest focus right now is on my two little boys. I have started to train them in Kung Fu and they love it. Just like my father was an inspiration for me, I want my sons to inherit my skills too.”

When he is not practicing Kung Fu, Cheng works as a welder at Getinge’s factory in Suzhou.

“I studied welding already in 2004 and joined Getinge in 2014. It’s a really good atmosphere with great colleagues. I have even performed at work events to show my friends what Shaolin Kung Fu is all about,” Cheng says and smiles.