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Cardiohelp System

Cardiohelp System

Cardiohelp System

The small and lightweight heart-lung support system.


A multi-functional system

The Cardiohelp System is a compact heart-lung support system suitable for all indications requiring extracorporeal circulation for cardiopulmonary support. It can be used for up to 30 days in cases of myocardial or respiratory failure.

Highly portable, the Cardiohelp System can be rapidly deployed for transport of patients requiring respiratory and / or circulatory support.

One system
Multiple treatment options

The Cardiohelp System can support cardiac and / or pulmonary function using either veno-venous or venoarterial ECLS.

Veno-arterial life support is used with patients whose hearts are not adequately supporting their circulation or have arrested. Veno-venous life support provides respiratory assistance for lung disorders. Support can be extended to complete substitution of the organ function.

This provides a logical, well-adapted treatment with optimized ventilation techniques.

A portable mechanical
life support system

- anytime, anywhere

The Cardiohelp System can be easily and rapidly deployed at the bedside or in the field, offering patients portable, seamless heart-lung support.

For the use in multiple settings

The Cardiohelp System is effective in all forms of patient transport, including intrahospital transport between departments, or inter-hospital transport by helicopter or ambulance. Even during intra- or inter-hospital transportation, the portable system guarantees adequate patient oxygen supply and CO₂ reduction to enable the best organ perfusion possible for the patient.

Key features include:

  • Secure installation in any ambulance and various helicopter types
  • Integrated lithium-ion batteries provide at least 90 minutes of operating time when fully charged
  • The Cardiohelp Transport Guard provides additional stability and crash protection

A broad variety of transport-specific accessories are available, including mobile
holder and base plate for secure fixation of the device or trolley system.

Cardiohelp with additional transport guard


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