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Getinge Clean Management System (CMS)

Getinge Clean Management System
Getinge Clean Management System

Getinge Clean Management System (CMS)

An automated central dosing system maintains the correct level of detergent for up to 15 units. The system has several ergonomic and time-saving benefits for the staff. 


Getinge CMS is a central dosing system that maintains the correct level of detergent for up to 15 washer-disinfectors, ultrasonic cleaners, or manual cleaning stations within the CSSD.

Instead of frequent manually loading of each washer-disinfector with small containers, your department’s entire detergent requirements can be supplied from a single large container for each detergent type.

Getinge Clean Management System

Highly flexible

The system is highly flexible, enabling tailor-made configurations to meet individual department needs. It also can provide online monitoring for status, alert and alarm purposes.

Totally independent system from the cleaning process

Ergonomic design and improved user safety

Pre-configured for containers in the Getinge Clean product range

User-friendly interactive HMI color touch panel

Getinge Online for remotely checking system parameters and monitoring via internet

Light tower with 4 indication LEDs for visible and remote alarm and status indication at the department


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