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Getinge Elmasonic Med Ultrasonic Cleaning Units

Getinge Elmasonic Med Ultrasonic Cleaning Units

Modern design with easy-to-clean stainless steel surfaces and wipeable keypad/display


Ultrasonic cleaning makes it possible to clean complex parts with little or no disassembly, because ultrasound will clean wherever the cleaning liquid gets in contact with a surface. 

Wide range

The range of Getinge Elmasonic Med Ultrasonic Cleaning Units consists of freestanding bench models with stainless steel tanks and are available in six different models, from 6 liters to 90 liters.

Getinge Enzymatic Plus

Getinge Clean Enzymatic Plus

Getinge Clean Enzymatic Plus is a multi-enzyme, pH neutral detergent for medical device cleaning. Its powerful formulation is designed to operate effectively in manual, ultrasonic and washer disinfector applications.


Getinge Chamber Foam

Getinge Clean Chamber Foam

Getinge Clean Chamber Foam is a ready-to-use acid foam spray that is applied to stainless steel surfaces in ultrasonic cleaners to remove limescale, mineral and rust deposits. The foam makes cleaning less time-consuming and is easily wiped off with a wet cloth.

Getinge Dina Rinsing Gun

Spray-gun rinser

The powerful, multi-purpose spray-gun rinser uses water or compressed air to rinse your items. The spray-gun is easy to operate with one hand, enabling the operator to find the best angle for rinsing. The heat-insulated gun grip provides extra safety.

Technical data

Model 60 180 200 300 500 900
Capacity (l / gal.) 4.3 / 1.13 14.2 / 3.75 18 / 4.7 22 / 5.8 40.3 / 10.6 63.7 / 16.82
Weight incl cover (kg / lb) 5.2 / 11.47 10.2 / 22.49 12.2 / 26.9 12.2 / 26.9 30.4 / 67.02 43.4 / 95.68
Size WxHxW (mm / in) 275x125x145 /
300x270x195 /
505x300x150 / 235/8x155/32x111/32  475x270x195 / 2241/64x1411/64x1263/64 500x330x290 / 305/16x1647/64x197/8 600x500x285 / 341/4x2327/64x197/8


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Spray-gun rinser

Designed for use within soiled pre-cleaning areas in reprocessing units. Especially suitable for fine-mesh instruments.

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