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Hemashield Platinum Woven Double Velour

Hemashield Platinum Woven Double Velour

Hemashield Platinum Woven Double Velour

Woven Vascular Grafts

Woven double velour collagen impregnated polyester graft. 
Water permeability: < 5ml/cm²/min[1]



Diameter Reference   Diameter Reference   Diameter Reference
over 15 cm usable length:   over 30 cm usable length:    over 40 cm usable length:
12 mm M00202175112P0   6 mm M00202175206P0   6 mm M00202175306P0
14 mm M00202175114P0   7 mm M00202175207P0   7 mm M00202175307P0
16 mm M00202175116P0   8 mm M00202175208P0   8 mm M00202175308P0
18 mm M00202175118P0   10 mm M00202175210P0   10 mm M00202175310P0
20 mm M00202175120P0   12 mm M00202175412P0   over 60 cm usable length:
22 mm M00202175122P0   14 mm M00202175414P0   12 mm M00202175406P0
24 mm M00202175124P0   16 mm M00202175416P0   14 mm M00202175407P0
26 mm M00202175126P0   18 mm M00202175418P0   16 mm M00202175408P0
28 mm M00202175128P0   20 mm M00202175420P0   18 mm M00202175410P0
30 mm M00202175130P0   22 mm M00202175422P0   20 mm M00202175620P0
32 mm M00202175132P0   24 mm M00202175424P0   22 mm M00202175622P0
34 mm M00202175134P0   26 mm M00202175426P0   24 mm M00202175624P0
38 mm M00202175138P0   28 mm M00202175428P0   26 mm M00202175626P0
      30 mm M00202175430P0   28 mm M00202175628P0
      32 mm M00202175432P0   30 mm M00202175630P0
      34 mm M00202175434P0   32 mm M00202175632P0
      38 mm M00202175438P0   34 mm M00202175634P0
            38 mm M00202175638P0


Diameter Reference   Diameter Reference
over 40 cm usable length:     over 40 cm usable length:  
12 mm  x 6 mm M00202166126P0   18 mm x 10 mm M00202166180P0
14 mm  x 7 mm M00202166147P0   20 mm x 10 mm M00202166201P0
14 mm  x 8 mm M00202166148P0   20 mm x 11 mm M00202166211P0
16 mm  x 8 mm M00202166168P0   22 mm x 11 mm M00202166221P0
16 mm  x 9 mm M00202166169P0   24 mm x 12 mm M00202166241P0
18 mm  x 9 mm M00202166189P0      

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