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Maquet Moduevo Accessories

Maquet Moduevo Ceiling Supply Units accessories solutions to store
Maquet Moduevo Ceiling Supply Units accessories solutions to hold
Maquet Moduevo Ceiling Supply Units accessories solutions to hold

Maquet Moduevo Accessories

A wealth of options

The Maquet Moduevo range comprises a wide choice of complementary accessories to store, hold, position and illuminate for customized options. They underscore Maquet Moduevo’s exceptionally flexibility, modularity and customization options.


Helping staff to focus on patients -
and not on equipment

Maquet Moduevo’s broad range of accessories helps medical staff tackle their daily challenges in diverse surgical disciplines.

In operating rooms, lifting solutions can raise and position anesthesia systems as required. Robust shelves and drawers with high load capacity hold key equipment, e. g. for endoscopies. Arms for video monitors can be attached. And cable management products keep wires off the floor – eliminating trip hazards and creating safer workplaces for staff. In addition, essential infusion items, including for severely ill patients, can be easily accommodated and moved. In ICUs, accessories can accommodate essential items staff may require: monitor holders, illuminated drawers for greater visibility in dark ICUs, swivel shelves that can be folded away when not in use, and much more.


Accessories to store

The storage category of Maquet Moduevo accessories is dedicated to simple, yet effective solutions for managing cables, and storing documents, gloves, equipment such as catheters, and more.
This category includes:

  • Cable management solutions (cable winding wheel, cable box)
  • Baskets and catheter holders

Accessories to position

A key feature of Maquet Moduevo is their outstanding maneuverability. Staff can quickly and precisely position the ceiling supply units where they are needed.
This category includes:

  • Vertical and horizontal handles, including Grab & Move Capacitive Sensing Technology 
  • Shelf handles
  • Ceiling supply unit control device for up and down movements

Accessories to hold

Holding accessories play a major role in ensuring critical equipment is readily accessible whenever it is required.
This category includes:

  • Shelves, sliding keyboard shelves, shelf extension, swivel shelf
  • Cabinets and drawer units
  • Flat screen monitor arms, keyboard holders
  • Various types of rails
  • Infusion equipment (IV pole, Maquet M-Shift)
  • Adaptors (for examination and surgical lights) and docking systems (anesthesia machines)

Accessories to illuminate

Better visibility is key to better working environments and streamlined tasks. A soft glow contributes to a soothing atmosphere for convalescing patients, and supports natural circadian cycles.
This category includes:

  • Examination or surgical lights (Maquet Lucea and Maquet Volista)
  • Ambient lights
  • Tasks lights
  • Somnus light to respect circadian cycles


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During surgery, every action counts. Healthcare staff want to focus on the patient – not on equipment and utilities. As a highly ergonomic, efficient solution, Maquet Moduevo Ceiling Supply Units allows staff to concentrate on the patients and not on the devices.

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Maquet Moduevo Intensive Care and Recovery Solutions

Maquet Moduevo Units can accommodate medical supplies for nurse stations,monitors, and ventilation machines. In comparison to fixed headwall solutions,ceiling supply units resolve recurring issues in healthcare environments. By providingspace to store equipment and keeping cables off the floor, they simultaneouslyimprove access to patients.

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