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Maquet Moduevo Intensive Care and Recovery Solutions

Maquet Moduevo Bridge horizontal ceiling supply units for intensive care units and recovery departments
Maquet Moduevo Intensive Care and recovery solutions
Maquet Moduevo Intensive Care and recovery solutions

Maquet Moduevo Intensive Care and Recovery Solutions

Streamlining workflows

Maquet Moduevo Units can accommodate medical supplies for nurse stations, monitors, and ventilation machines. In comparison to fixed headwall solutions, ceiling supply units resolve recurring issues in healthcare environments. By providing space to store equipment and keeping cables off the floor, they simultaneously improve access to patients.

Maquet Moduevo Bridge

Think horizontal!

Getinge has developed a horizontal solution to accommodate architectural constraints: Moduevo Bridge. This economical, space-saving ceiling supply unit is designed to enhance provider-patient interactions at all acuity levels by keeping everything close at hand. It can be installed in intensive care and high-dependency care units, recovery and emergency departments.

Challenging facility constraints
Fostering a healing environment
Answering to economical considerations 

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An answer to daily challenges

The Maquet Moduevo ceiling supply units range ensure vital utilities and equipment are easily accessible, streamlining workflows and improving efficiency. Simple to implement and use, they enable better organization of resources, increasing productivity – and consequently, decreasing costs.

Freedom to explore ICU solutions:
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Streamlining workflows in intensive care units

A key aim of Maquet Moduevo is to enhance the patient experience. Specifically, it is crucial that patients in ICUs are able to rest.

To this end, Maquet Moduevo can include options such as absolutely silent electro-magnetic brakes, so staff can reposition the pendant without disturbing patients. Furthermore, soft ambient lighting on the sides, top and bottom of the supply unit create a soothing atmosphere.

Better bedside access improves care in the ICU


Hospital Center Brive La Gaillarde in France has seen improvements in workflow, patient safety, and staff ergonomics since installing Maquet Moduevo in the ICU. In this video, see the head nurse, staff nurse, and chief medical officer for the ICU explain how the system has improved working conditions in their hospital.






Maquet Moduevo Intensive care and recovery solutions

Recovery rooms: caring for all patients made easy

For recovery purposes, a single pendant or a column system is capable of carrying all the essential equipment – such as infusion system, monitors, and shelves – for treatment in recovery rooms. For cost and space saving, a column system can serve two beds positioned on each side of the pendant.

Benefits at a glance

Maquet Moduevo workstations are simple to install, intuitive to use, and swift to configure - benefits that translate into greater productivity, efficienca and flexibility.

Maquet Moduevo Intensive care and recovery solutions


Ergonomic Positioning System (EPoS)

  • Components and accessories – even those requiring a power supply – can be added and removed in line with changing needs
  • They can be freely positioned on every face of the unit module, and at any height
  • Customized workstations can be created easily and quickly, ensuring everything remains within easy reach
Maquet Moduevo Operating rooms solutions


Grab & Move Handle

  • Breaks new ground in terms of intuitive positioning.
  • When grasped, its capacitive sensing technology releases the unit‘s brakes.
  • Enables staff to intuitively move the pendants to the desired position simply, with just one hand and minimal physical effort.
  • This design approach allows each configuration to evolve in line with the hospital‘s daily challenges.
Maquet Moduevo Intensive Care and recovery solutions


Electro-magnetic Brakes

  • Maquet Moduevo‘s pioneering electro-magnetic brakes are absolutely silent, enhancing patient comfort – and virtually no maintenance is required.
  • Staff can rest assured of seamlessly smooth, controlled movements, and enjoy Maquet Moduevo‘s broad range of movement.
  • Staff can reposition the ceiling supply unit without disturbing patients.
Maquet Moduevo Intensive care and recovery solutions

Enhancing patient comfort

Ambient light

Suitable for units without windows: the Somnus light provides innovative daylight simulation. Developed according to the Lighting Research Center Recommendations, the Somnus light creates bluish tones to simulate morning light, while reddish ones represent evening light (based on the Circadian Stimulus). This option is available with Maquet Moduevo Bridge.

Maquet Moduevo Intensive care and recovery solutions

M-Shift & M-Shift trolley

The infusion transfer solution

M-Shift, the infusion transfer solution, excels as flexible, effortless, stable and transferable system. Transferring the patient's complete infusion system will take less than a minute, optimizing the workflow in the critical care environment and liberating nurses from heavy workload.

Combined with M-Shift Trolley, it accommodates a complete IV set-up when particular ICU beds do not fit the solution. M-Shift Trolley enables use of the system's main unit anytime and anywhere.


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Maquet Moduevo Operating Rooms solutions

During surgery, every action counts. Healthcare staff want to focus on the patient – not on equipment and utilities. As a highly ergonomic, efficient solution, Maquet Moduevo Ceiling Supply Units allows staff to concentrate on the patients and not on the devices.

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Maquet Moduevo Accessories

The Maquet Moduevo range comprises a wide choice of complementary accessoriesto store, hold, position and illuminate for customized options. They underscoreMaquet Moduevo’s exceptionally flexibility, modularity and customization options.

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