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Maquet Yuno II Operating Table

surgical table Maquet Yuno II
operating table Maquet Yuno II for Direct anterior approach (DAA)
OR table Maquet Yuno II for neurosurgery
OR table Maquet Yuno II Radiolucent carbon fiber accessories

Maquet Yuno II Operating Table

A surgical table which improves outcomes with advanced surgical workflows in orthopedics, traumatology and neurology.

Looking for an OR Table to facilitate your orthopedic procedures?


Listen to Dr Marek Jozwiak from the Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Department of Pediatric Orthopedic and Traumatology and discover how Maquet Yuno II operating table can enlarge your possibilities.



A foundation for the future

Growing cost pressures require investments in safe and flexible operating
tables that can be universally used in conventional or minimally invasive procedures.

Maquet Yuno II surgical table ensures the positioning and access needed to achieve optimum results in open or minimally invasive interventions. The OR table can be configured for any discipline, increasing your options and maximizing the functionality of your operating room. Easy handling ensures that Maquet Yuno II operating table will simplify positioning for even the most complex techniques to help you focus on what’s most important: your patients.

The right choice for minimally invasive techniques

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) can improve patient outcomes and save costs. Maquet Yuno II surgical table supports a variety of positions, bringing the benefits of MIS to patients of various sizes. Radiolucent carbon fiber accessories improve intraoperative diagnostics that are critical to achieving optimal outcomes.

Ready when you are

When trauma patients arrive in your emergency department, there’s no time to lose. Night or day, your OR must be ready. With the flexible Maquet Yuno II Mobile Operating Table, it’s easy to quickly configure the table to meet the needs of the procedure and surgeon, even with limited staff on call.

A cost-effective resource

All hospitals are facing the cost pressure of doing more, doing it better, and doing it safely. Maquet Yuno II OR table is flexible enough to be used as a universal table, extending the functionality of your operating room. Compatibility with our existing surgical accessories maximizes your existing investment, reduces your upfront costs, and minimizes the need for training.

MIS positioning

Direct anterior approach (DAA) to total hip replacement

The direct anterior approach requires a complex course of leg movements. The traction bar with ball joint mimics the smooth multidirectional movement of the hip itself. This Maquet Yuno II surgical table bar is easy to operate, flexible to position, and securely locked to prevent overextension and keep the patient safe. 

Simplifying DAA to total hip replacement

  • Fast and simple traction set-up so you can focus on the patient
  • Precise leg rotations to prevent injuries
  • Smooth multidirectional movement optimizes access to the surgical site
  • Smart design improves workflows and minimizes strain for the surgical team
  • Carbon fiber elements support intraoperative imaging 
Patient lying on the Yuno II Operating table

1. Basic set-up

In the basic setup, both legs are parallel. Traction can be set up easily by pulling the slider and rotating the handle of the screw tension device.

Patient lying with arm up on operating table Yuno II

2. Lowering the leg

Releasing the handles at the end of the bar smoothly lowers the leg. 

Maquet Yuno II operating table with patient

3. Rotating the leg

The required outside rotation can easily be set up by pulling and turning the star shaped handle of the screw tension device.

operating table Maquet Yuno II for Direct anterior approach (DAA)

4. Adducting the leg

Manage abduction and adduction of the leg by releasing the handles of the traction bars and moving the bar into the desired position.

Hip scope

In order to gain proper access for hip scope procedures, the femoral head must be pulled out of the acetabulum under maximum traction. Maquet Yuno II surgical table is designed to comfortably enable strong traction of up to 80 kg. It offers the flexibility needed to handle a diverse patient population, preventing manual strain on the scrub nurse.

Maximizing traction for hip arthroscopy

  • Increase patient safety with improved ventral capsule release
  • Improve working conditions with maximum traction of up to 80 kg
  • Simplify workflow with slide function and screw tension device
  • Increase flexibility to handle a patient population of diverse sizes with elongation adapter
  • Flexible set up opportunities on either traction bar 
Operating table Yuno II Hip Scope

Setting up angles

Maquet Yuno II enables hip scope positioning for even very tall patients using the elongation adapter. Lifting the traction bar allows staff to position the operated leg at an angle that protects the ventral capsule and increases patient safety.

Patient lying on operating table Yuno II Hip Scope

Releasing traction

Traction can be released easily by releasing the slider and moving the screw tension device along the bar. 

Patient on operating table Yuno II Hip Scope

Adducting the leg

It is easy to move the bar up/down or abduct/adduct by releasing the handles at the end of the bar. 

Patient lying on Operating table Yuno II Hip Scope

Rotating the leg

External/ internal rotation of the leg can be achieved by turning the star-shaped handle of the screw tension device.


Good access and optimal patient positioning are crucial for the outcome of tibia nailing procedures. An angle of 90° or below improves the access for the tibia nailing. Our existing extension accessories can be used to enable improved angles for tibia access. 

Improving access to tibia

  • Enables improved angles for tibia access with existing extension accessories
  • Compatibility with existing extension accessories minimizes implementation costs and maximizes ROI of existing equipment


When it comes to the complex demands of shoulder surgery, a large imaging window is essential. Maquet Yuno II surgical table offers an accessible and radiolucent design to improve patient safety.

Enhancing imaging possibilities for shoulder surgery

  • Maquet Yuno II surgical table contours perfectly to the patient’s body to comfortably accommodate the full range of shoulder and upper arm procedures
  • Carbon fiber elements enhance intraoperative imaging to improve outcomes
Patient lying on Yuno II operating table

Shoulder positioning with Trimano Fortis OR table accessory and shoulder plate 1433.34AC

Patient sitting on Yuno II operating table

Shoulder positioning with back plate for shoulder operations 1132.34, lateral support 1002.36B0, and seat plate elongation 1431.55

Fracture and neurosurgery


The longest and strongest bone in the body, the femur, requires a tremendous amount of force to set fractures. Ergonomic positioning for the surgeon and accessibility of intraoperative imaging are of equal importance for a successful patient outcome. With Maquet Yuno II, surgical teams can easily position the table in the ideal configuration for both surgeon and patient. The smart design of the carbon fiber traction bars reduces the complexity of femur set ups and improves the surgical workflow.

Improving ergonomics for femur fracture repair

  • Highest table settings on the market improve ergonomics for the surgeon
  • Carbon fiber bars improve intraoperative imaging
  • The smart design of the carbon fiber traction bars reduces the complexity of femur set ups
OR table Maquet Yuno II Radiolucent carbon fiber accessories

Improving imaging

Carbon fiber traction bars improve image quality and give optimal access for C-arms.

Patient lying on operating table Yuno II

Simplifying complex set ups

Smart design of the traction device simplifies even complex set-ups for femur procedures.

Operating table and Patient Yuno II

Improving workflows

The frame for sterile drapes securely attaches the drape to fixed attachments for quick and easy setup – which is recommended if only one sterile drape is used.

Operating table Yuno II

Increasing opportunities

Maquet Yuno II I compatible with the existing extension set 1433.41BC to increase your flexibility and the value of your investment. 


Traumatic pelvic fractures often cause extensive bleeding and organ injuries that require urgent treatment and clear intraoperative imaging. Maquet Yuno II can reduce the time to treatment, a critical factor in survival rates for traumatic pelvic injuries.

Providing excellent imaging access for pelvic fractures

  • Quick set up to reduce the time to treatment
  • Flexible prone, supine and lateral positioning to meet surgeons’ preferences
  • Carbon fiber devices enhance imaging quality


Neurosurgeons require the utmost stability as they work with delicate nerve structures. Maquet Yuno II incorporates several important safety features to prevent accidental table movements.

Ensuring exceptional stability

  • Cast iron three-point stand provides excellent stability
  • Lock functions eliminate accidental table movements
  • Flexibility to set up a variety of neurosurgical positions


Yuno II Ace operating table
Operating table Yuno II Ace

Traction bar with ball joint including slider

The ball joint is moveable in all directions, supporting DAA procedures and enabling advanced MIS techniques. The slider makes it easy to establish traction, saving time and improving efficiency.

Operating table Yuno II

Traction bar including slider

The radiolucent carbon fiber traction bar gives better quality images for improved diagnostics and better patient safety. The slider glides easily over the bar for simple traction setup, saving time and minimizing physical strain.

Yuno II Accessory

Screw tension device

The star-shaped handle of the screw tension device can be easily and precisely operated with just one hand.  It is equipped with a degree indicator that enables fine tractions to ensure the precise positioning needed for optimal outcomes. It can be attached to the traction devices of Maquet Yuno II and it is also compatible with our existing extension sets. 

Yuno II operating table Accessory

Sliding clamp

The sliding clamp can be easily moved along the carbon fiber traction bars for precise positioning of accessories where they’re most needed. It attaches to both bars, allowing you to deploy additional accessories during surgery. 

Yuno II operating table accessory

Support plate

The support plate supports the non-operative leg during surgery, improving patient comfort and preventing overstretching of the knee.  It can be attached to the sliding clamp for flexible positioning anywhere along the traction bars.

Yuno II Operating table part

Leg plates

Leg plates offer additional support during induction, keeping even the tallest patients safe and comfortable.

Operating table Accessory Yuno II

Trolley for traction bars

The trolley for traction bars is designed to roll close to the table, minimizing the need to carry the bars. It improves workplace ergonomics and reduces the risk of injury.

Operating table Yuno II folded

Accessory trolley

The accessory trolley can accommodate many accessories in a small space, while still providing fast and ergonomic access. Even when fully loaded, it is very easy to maneuver.

Yuno II Accessory Operating table

Adapter for counter-traction post to femur

The adapter for counter-traction post to femur allows our existing counter-traction posts to be used on the Maquet Yuno II table to maximize the ROI of your OR table investment and minimize implementation costs.  

Operating table Yuno II accessory

Traction frame for prone and side positions

The traction frame gives surgeons the flexibility to position the patient in prone or side positions for pelvic surgery to improve working conditions and deliver the best possible results for the patient. 

operating table accessory

Elongation adapter for hip scope

The elongation adapter enables the use of the screw tension device for tall patients, eliminating the need for scrub nurses to pull the leg manually. This frees staff resources for more important tasks, and improves patient safety.

Yuno II accessory

Vertical adjustment long and short

The vertical adjustment positions the leg higher for improved site access and patient safety. Two lengths are available to meet specific patient needs and to increase the variety of positioning options.

Highlighted part of Yuno II Operating table

Frame for sterile drapes

Securely attach the drape to fixed attachments for quick and easy setup. This frame is recommended if only one sterile drape is used for femur fractures.

Part of Yuno II Operating table

Tibia adapter

Easily mount our existing tibia and fibula extensions to Maquet Yuno II with the tibia adapter.

Operating table Yuno II

Extension plate with three holes

Improve access to pelvis with variable positioning options of the countertraction post. 360° radiolucency provides excellent imaging quality. 

Operating table Yuno II

Extension plate with one hole

The smart design of the extension plate with one hole improves access to hip.  360° radiolucency improve intraoperative imaging. 

Maquet otesus operating table

Carbon fiber plate for Maquet Yuno

Intraoperative imaging can improve outcomes for patients, giving surgeons clear insights during the procedure. But imaging technologies require specialized infrastructure to support precise visualization. That’s why Getinge has developed a carbon fiber (CF) plate to provide unrestricted radiolucency for pelvic, cardiovascular, orthopedic, and traumatology procedures.

The CF plate has interdisciplinary functionality, expanding the capabilities of your surgical suite. With an X-ray range of up to
1,200 mm, the C-arm can be positioned to create an imaging window at nearly every angle.


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