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Sensor Drive

Sensor Drive

Sensor Drive

Infrared wireless control unit for the autodrive function of the Maquet Alphamaxx, Maquet Meera and Maquet Yuno II mobile OR tables.


Effective patient transport requires staff to safely maneuver operating tables in
tight spaces and crowded and long hospital corridors.
Conventional solutions require staff to use their own physical strength to move patients and which can lead to physical pain.
To answer to those challenges Getinge has developed Sensor Drive.

Easy OR table maneuvering

Rotation of the handle engages the drive and regulates the speed of the OR table by the degree of rotation. Rotating the handle forward and backward will release the table brakes and move the table in the desired direction.

The handle is mounted to the OR table side rail, generally on the head rest. It enables the OR team and nursing staff to use just one hand to operate the autodrive and steer at the same time. This leaves one hand free to help patients in critical situations.

A single Maquet Sensor Drive can be used with several surgical tables.
Simply enter a key code to pair the control unit with the selected OR table for
immediate use. In addition, many existing Maquet Alphamaxx OR Tables which
are equipped with a fast Autodrive can be used with Maquet Sensor Drive after
installing an update.


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