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Servo-s Ventilator

Servo-s mechanical ventilator offers a wide range of ventilation modes that can be tailored precisely to your clinical needs
Servo-s mechanical ventilator, Getinge

Servo-s Ventilator

Ventilator based on proven Servo technology, ensuring safe, reliable and high quality ventilation.


By combining state-of-the-art sensitivity and reliability with user-friendly simplicity, Servo-s delivers top performance for both adult and pediatric patients in a variety of hospital ventilatory care settings.

Easy start

The easy-to-follow automated pre-use check takes just a
few minutes, and gives an optimal calibration and status
for vital functions that need to be checked before
connecting a patient.

An intuitive user interface

The ergonomic user interface, with its color
screen and clear graphics, is designed for clinicians by
clinicians. Settings can be made either via the
touch screen, the main rotary dial, or a combination of

Designed for transport

The Servo-s has been designed for both shelf mounting and intrahospital transport with mobile cart.


Invasive and non-invasive ventilation (with leakage
compensation for non-invasive ventilation) for all patient categories.

The sensitive flow trigger

Paired with a fast and precise inspiratory flow controller
provides excellent patient interaction and reduced work of

Servo quality

Ventilation independent of central gas installations when
combined with Compressor Mini.

Securing your investment

Man lifting up child

Ensure maximum uptime

Optimizing your equipment's services is often an untapped opportunity to maximize productivity and reduce costs. Our Getinge Care service offering will ensure that your equipment always perform at peak levels allowing you to focus on what’s important - saving lives.

products consumables ventilator

High quality consumables

We offer an extensive range of readily available consumables designed for highest possible patient safety and ease of use – all to help secure your everyday operations.

Patient data at your fingertips

MSync helps you to connect your Servo-s fleet to your patient monitor, HIS or patient data management system (PDMS). Clinical and patient data is transferred in real time to support clinical decision-making.


Improve your knowledge with our free eLearning courses.

Servo-i start up

(15 min)

Servo-i start up
Pre-use check, How to get started, Alarms, User interface


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Servo-u Ventilator

Servo-u gives you many options for personalized lung protection and weaning. All are easy to understand, implement and use, making it simple to integrate advanced personalized ventilation strategies into your daily patient care. *The Servo ventilator and and/or ventilator options presented on this page may be pending regulatory approvals to be marketed in your country. Contact your Getinge representative for more information.

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Servo-air Ventilator

Servo-air is easy to use and independent from compressed air and external power supplies. It makes owning, learning and using quality ventilation even more attainable.

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Servo-i Ventilator

A wealth of features and functionalities for treating adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.

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Cardiohelp System

The small and lightweight heart-lung support system.

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Modular Room Systems

Rooms with high technology density must be configured to respond to changing trends. The modular room systems from Getinge flexibly adapt to all spacial conditions and requirements - today and tomorrow. They consist of a substructure, wall and ceiling elements, doors, and the integration of optional built-in elements.A modular room system is the perfect base for a hygienic environment such as the OR, ICU and CSSD while offering a unique combination of functionality, design and efficiency.

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Flow-i is a highly advanced anesthesia machine offering superior ventilation performance, decision support features, a wider range of settings of flows and pressures, and the innovative AGC option for safe and easy low-flow anesthesia.

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PiCCO Technology

Simplify hemodynamics and learn how to understand complex conditions with PiCCO

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Servo-n Ventilator

Help your neonates breathe, sleep and grow at every step of respiratory support with just one device

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