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Thoracic Catheters

Atrium Thoracic Catheters
Atrium XL Silicone Thoracic Catheters

Thoracic Catheters

Complete line of high performance thoracic and mediastinal catheters tailored to suit your specific needs.


Atrium PVC thoracic catheters and HTS silicone thoracic catheters are crafted of quality materials, each upholding the Getinge commitment to patient safety and comfort. All of our catheters are DEHP-free and not made with natural rubber latex.

PVC Thoracic Catheters

Thermo-conforming and firm PVC catheters

Thermo-conforming PVC thoracic catheters

  • Advanced taper tip design provides easy stab wound placement and fast, secure connection to chest drain tubing
  • Soft, kink-resistant, thermo-conforming PVC shape and contour to the anatomy for superior placement, comfort and improved drainage performance
  • 2 cm depth markings aid in accurate catheter placement
  • Gentle spiral hole configuration helps reduce tissue invagination for optimal drainage efficiency
  • Tapered oval drainage eyes maximize drainage performance and help reduce tissue damage and clot adhesion
  • Blue radiopaque stripe confirms placement upon x-ray

Firm PVC thoracic catheters

  • Open tip provides easy stab wound placement and fast, secure connection to chest drain tubing
  • Smooth, atraumatic tip allows fast, easy insertion

HTS silicone thoracic catheters

High tear strength silicone mediastinal and extended length catheters

HTS silicone thoracic catheters

Featuring high tear strength silicone
  • Soft, kink resistant silicone conforms easily to anatomy for improved patient comfort
  • Premium quality silicone provides enhanced drainage visibility
  • Blue radiopaque stripe confirms catheter placement upon x-ray
  • Complete line of products
HTS silicone mediastinal catheters
  • Low profile design conforms to the anatomy of the mediastinal cavity
  • Choice of eyelet configurations for optimal drainage performance

XL silicone thoracic catheters

Extended length catheters

XL silicone thoracic catheters

  • Extended length catheter (26 in) with 15 to 18 eyelets for maximum drainage efficiency
  • Smaller bore 20Fr and 24Fr sizes
  • Made of soft, kink resistant silicone
  • Designed specifically for cardiac and thoracic drainage applications
  • Proven single lumen design has more flow area compared to similar sized multi-channel wound drains
  • Clinicians can crop catheter to reduce length if required
  • Blue radiopaque stripe confirms placement upon x-ray
  • Packaged sterile 1 per pouch, 10 pouches per case