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The Hybrid OR is the future of surgery

A single surgical workspace that combines imaging equipment with a multifunctional surgical table. It allows clinicians to diagnose and treat in a single location, reducing risk and delays, improving patient safety, and ultimately reducing costs. The surgical table top not only meets the needs of multiple surgical disciplines but also balances the need for panning when used for advanced imaging.

See the future becoming reality!

Benefits patients, clinicians and hospitals

The Hybrid OR offers benefits for all key stakeholders.


  • Potential to speed diagnosis and therapy
  • Access to minimally invasive techniques that support the goal of faster recovery
  • Likelihood of shorter procedures
  • Eventual elimination of corrective surgeries and reduction of anesthetics
  • Real-time availability of high-quality imaging that helps surgeons preserve as much healthy tissue as possible


  • Better imaging for better diagnosis and surgical precision
  • Assists in reducing procedure length with online diagnostic
  • Increased safety due to direct control
  • Better quality of care
  • Improved cross-speciality communication
  • Improved ergonomics


  • Expansion of reputation-enhancing medical services
  • Potential to reduce the length of procedures
  • Application of cost-effective multidisciplinary use of strategic resources
  • Flexibility to focus on increasing the number of patient-preferred minimally-invasive procedures
  • Shorter patient stay resulting in patient satisfaction and revenue generation
  • Attract and retain top talent

Why choose Getinge as a partner?

More than 1,500 successful installations in 68 countries

The planning and implementation of a Hybrid OR is a sophisticated process. We’ve helped hundreds of hospitals meet their goals of establishing efficient, interventional hybrid rooms as well as multidisciplinary Hybrid ORs. We understand the unique needs of each surgical discipline, and work with you to build comprehensive solutions that exceed expectations and measurably improve patient care.

With more than 1,500 installations worldwide, Getinge Hybrid experts provide valuable assistance in creating an efficient, future-proof, multidisciplinary Hybrid OR. When you choose Getinge, you’re choosing a partner who can support you throughout the lifecycle of the Hybrid OR.

A single point of contact to coordinate all phases

Hybrid OR’s are complex environments that require strong project management skills to ensure successful installation. When you work with Getinge, you will have an experienced point of contact that remains working with you and your team throughout the entire project. The Getinge team can assist you in managing the full scope of the project, including partnering with other vendors and supervising contractors. Your project consultant will be skilled at identifying compatible products that meet your needs, optimizing the workflow of the room and visualizing it with advanced tools. We will ensure that all elements of the project running smoothly together to ensure maximum efficiency and avoid costly time delays.

Getinge Hybrid OR Rastatt, Germany

The next best thing to being there

Optimized planning for the ideal working environment

A well-designed multidisciplinary Hybrid OR should feel customized to each clinician’s requirements. Our Hybrid OR plans are built on a thorough and detailed analysis of your specific needs. We collaborate with you to develop a solution that works with your room size; surgical applications; and technical requirements. From project organization and management through installation and integration, we’ll show you what to expect from start to finish. The result: an optimized workspace that allows your hospital to deliver the best possible patient care.

Optimize your planning process

1,500 Getinge Hybrid OR installations in more than 60 countries around the world

Getinge Hybrid installations worldwide

Tzu Chi Hospital, Hualien, Taiwan

Tzu Chi Hospital in Hualien, Taiwan, has always focused on the healthcare needs of lower-income patients. It was the first hospital established by the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation support underserved communities. Recently, The Tzu Chi network has invested in updating four of its hospitals across Taiwan to include four hybrid ORs to deliver better patient care.  

Tzu Chi Hualien was part of a partnership between GE Healthcare and Getinge to integrate cutting-edge imaging technology with Getinge infrastructure. Getinge provided project planning and a variety of equipment, including tables, lighting, and the modular wall systems that streamlined the remodeling process.

Learn more about this project

hybrid OR lights on

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hospital do Coração, São Paulo, Brazil

hybrid OR

Okayama, Japan

Okayama University Hospital, Okayama, Japan

Getinge Hybrid OR Yuanlin, Taiwan

Yuanlin, Taiwan

Yuanlin Christian Hospital, Yuanlin, Taiwan

CHU de Liège, Liège, Belgium

Liège, Belgium

CHU de Liège, Liège, Belgium

Hybrid OR Zürich

Zurich, Switzerland

University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland

Hybrid OR bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

Cooperation with leading imaging providers

We are proud to partner with all of the leading imaging companies, each a pioneer in their own respect. Together, we have taken the Hybrid operating theatre to new heights by setting advanced therapy standards.

We have different solutions for different disciplines, supporting the idea of an optimized and comfortable workflow in the hospital. For example, we support the transfer from emergency or helicopter to radiology or the OR, as well as the workflow within the OR environment in combination with angiography, CT and MR.

Canon C-arm with Maquet Magnus

Canon Medical Systems

As a part of the decade long partnership with Getinge, Canon Medical Systems  supplies the Alphenix and Infinix-i Hybrid angiography systems and sliding CT-solutions. The Maquet Magnus operating table is integrated with these angiography systems, perfectly meeting the requirements of hybrid procedures.

Operating table magnus

GE Healthcare

Getinge and GE Healthcare have jointly developed a highly flexible Hybrid OR solution that combines GE’s Discovery IGS 7 OR and MRI solutions with Getinge’s versatile Maquet Magnus OR table system.
The combined solution brings both intuitive 3D fusion image guidance and complete workspace freedom to the Hybrid OR.

operating table siemens + getinge


The Maquet Magnus operating table top is integrated with various Philips single plane and biplane angiography systems, including the new Azurion 7 C20 with FlexArm, as well as MRI solutions. Thanks to the full integration between the two systems, the Maquet Magnus table can be operated via the table controls of the Philips imaging system.

operating table magnus Getinge + Siemens

Siemens Healthineers

The Getinge and Siemens collaboration ensures full integration between the Maquet Magnus operating table and ARTIS pheno, Artis Q ceiling, Artis Q biplane, MRI and sliding-gantry CT solutions  as well as Nexaris Therapy Suites (multi-modality).

One room, multiple uses
– the possibilities are endless

Once limited to cardiovascular procedures in the cath lab, image-guided surgery has expanded to comprise nearly all surgical disciplines, including cardiovascular, neurosurgery, oncology, orthopedic urology, and traumatology procedures – all of which benefit from intraoperative imaging.

Learn how a Hybrid OR set-up can support different disciplines and procedures

Hybrid ORs – surpassing today’s expectations

As a pioneer in the design and installation of Hybrid operating rooms, Getinge goes well beyond the installation of Hybrid ORs or multi-modality suites. Our comprehensive approach places the patient and workflow optimization at the center. In order to eliminate patient repositioning during intra-hospital transport while enabling intra-operative access to multiple imaging modalities, Getinge joined forces with Siemens Healthineers to develop the PILOT Patient Transfer System.

Going hybrid

Suitable for hospitals of all sizes.

The Hybrid OR is not simply a resource for large, urban medical centers. Even smaller hospitals can benefit from the increased efficiency and improved clinical outcomes that image-guided surgeries can deliver. Investments for fluoroscopy, CT and MR are no longer the exclusive investment of the radiology department. These kind of diagnostic tools can be easily installed in the OR for surgical patients, or walk-in patients in a sterile area.

Bringing a concept to reality

One of the most challenging aspects of implementing a Hybrid OR solution is creating an overall functioning concept that coordinates and integrates a large amount of complex medical equipment. When you choose Getinge equipment, you get more than just state-of-the-art technology. We are your one-stop solution provider, assisting you with every aspect of your Hybrid OR: from initial need assessment to project management, from flexible room design to delivering and installing the equipment. Watch the video to the left to see how a carefully planned Hybrid OR comes to life.

Getinges product offering for Hybrid OR suites

From modular OR wall elements and surgical lights to tables and everything in between, Getinge has created a product offering for Hybrid suites that is second to none. The elements complement each other for seamless interaction and an ergonomic user experience. We go beyond individual products and deliver complete multidisciplinary solutions that suit all professional disciplines within the Hybrid OR environment. Combined with IT solutions by Getinge that work together to ensure a safer, integrated, and better utilized facility, we enable healthcare professionals to focus on delivering the best possible care for patients.