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Yuanlin, Taiwan

Yuanlin Christian Hospital, Yuanlin, Taiwan

Yuanlin Christian Hospital is one of the newest and most modern hospitals in Taiwan, with nine conventional operating rooms and two specialized Hybrid OR configurations. Part of the Changhua Christian Healthcare System, the hospital needed a cutting-edge Hybrid operating block to incorporate a double sliding gantry CT, an angiography system, and a navigation system. They sought out Getinge as a leading manufacturer that can plan a complex Hybrid OR environment and deliver it as a turn-key solution.

Yuanlin Christian Hospital, Taiwan

Imaging at its best

The MIYABI Angio-CT Hybrid OR is primary used for neurosurgical procedures such as discectomy and spinal fusion surgery; for thoracic surgery for needle guidance procedures; and for cardiovascular procedures. It combines an ARTIS zeego angiography system and a SOMATOM CT Sliding Gantry system by Siemens Healthineers. Both systems slide over the same Maquet Magnus operating table, offering new possibilities in therapy, interventions, and immediate assessment of treatment results.

The SOMATOM CT Sliding Gantry system is positioned in a parking area and can serve both the MIYABI Angio-CT Hybrid OR and the Hybrid OR with the Brainlab navigation system. This almost doubles the utilization level of the cost-intensive CT. The second Hybrid OR is used for brain surgery and spinal procedures.

Yuanlin Christian Hospital, Taiwan

The Getinge solution

The hospital chose the Maquet Variop modular room system for the new space, incorporating two colors in the Hybrid OR and a three-color glass system in the corridor. The Hybrid OR includes Maquet PowerLED lights with integrated HD video camera for clear, realistic images and accurate color representation. The rooms include Maquet M-Lifting pendants to raise the Flow-i C40 anesthesia system off the floor, and a Tegris OR integration management systems to improve workflow and safety.