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Sprinter Cart XL

Sprinter Cart XL

A workstation for extracorporeal support devices and applications in the operating room and intensive care unit, as well as for patient transport


The stable and compact SPRINTER CART XL has been developed for use as a workstation for extracorporeal support devices and applications in the operating room and intensive care unit, as well as for patient transport. The small footprint is designed for areas where reliable and safe solutions must be balanced with limited space.

With the very compact transport holder system, the mobile CARDIOHELP heart-lung support system, and ROTAFLOW Console, Maquet offers a hybrid solution that fulfils and exceeds both transport and stationary requirements.

The SPRINTER CART XL has four large smooth running, electrically conductive wheels equipped with foot-lever operated parking brakes and the practical handles. The workstation can be easily and conveniently moved throughout the hospital environment.

Facts at a glance

Multi-functional workstation

A complete range of accessories for all ECLS applications

Occupies minimal space thanks to its compact dimensions and elaborate partitioning

Convenient and safe transport with practical handles and smooth running wheels with foot-lever operated brakes

High quality, crash and crush resistant solid stainless steel frame

Smooth surface, easy to clean


The modular SPRINTER CART XL is individually configurable with a special top shelf for the ROTAFLOW Console or with a top shelf kit for the CARDIOHELP Device allowing convenient and fast fixation and detachment of these devices.

The cart is equipped with the basics: one handle, an accessory bar, and height-reduced poles on the rear side for the convenient and comfortable operation of CARDIOHELP with the connected HLS Module. A second, optional handle bar is available for the convenient transport of the ROTAFLOW Console; this can be mounted easily with a special fixation system. The cart can then be pushed or pulled from two sides. Together with the top shelf for the ROTAFLOW Console, the cart can be equipped with a fixed tray for additional storage.

A hyperthermia device can be placed on the height adjustable and extendable shelf kit. With the included railing system, a heater unit can be pulled or pushed conveniently forwards in two adjustment steps on the base shelf. This extendable shelf system allows the heater unit to be moved forwards to access the opening for water filling. For electrical safety, the workstation has an equipotential bonding pin.

The following elements can be attached to the four corner poles and the four standard rails of the cart:

  • Top shelf kit for CARDIOHELP
  • CARDIOHELP Emergency Drive Holder
  • Top shelf for ROTAFLOW Console
  • ROTAFLOW Drive, ROTAFLOW Emergency Drive
  • Fixed tray for additional storage
  • Second handle with fixation system
  • Shelf kit for hyperthermia devices
  • Infusion pole (height adjustable)
  • Gas bottle holder
  • Gas blender

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