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Whatever your specific role is at Getinge, you save lives for a living. That’s pretty incredible.

But it also comes with some heavy responsibility.

Just as people trust doctors to do the right thing, they need to trust us—and we must live up to that trust.

Lead our industry

Policies and legal structures are what hold global society and our industry together. Respecting them means we strengthen and retain our relationships, build our reputation and lead our industry to the highest standards.

We realize not everyone jumps for joy when they hear the term “policies”. But they are important, because they let us do what we are all here to do.

Responsible Leadership

Across Getinge, we show responsible leadership of the medtech field every day. With a promise to always act with honesty, fairness and integrity. To support and learn from each other, share information and be open but respectfully to protect confidentiality, privacy and information. To retain the highest standards and always ask and speak up if something doesn’t seem right. To take care of each other. To take care of our world. And to act together to protect our stakeholders, pushing our industry towards a new standard that will ensure medical technology is the unshakeable, sustainable foundation of future health care.