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Getinge GSS67N

GSS67N loading basket
nurse and Getinge product GSS67N

Getinge GSS67N

More of what you value most

The Getinge GSS67N Steam Sterilizer was designed with a simple concept in mind: make it easy for you to get more of what you’re looking for in a mid-size steam sterilizer by including clean steam capabilities plus the technology to reduce water and energy consumption at no extra cost.


Clean...and green in more ways than one.

Features and benefits

True savings. Clean steam process.

The presence of dissolved metals and minerals in steam can produce chamber discoloration and scale formation as well as instrument staining, pitting and corrosion over time.

As premium stainless steel elements come standard in the GSS67N sterilizer, equipment lifecycle savings are not offset upfront by the initial extra cost other manufacturers charge to generate a clean steam process. Getinge can provide you a clean steam solution that meets your facility needs. It starts with the GSS67N stainless steel components and can be augmented with an integrated stainless steel boiler and feed water treatment options.

GSS67N Water Consumption

The standard, vacuum pump saves time while dramatically reducing water consumption.

* Comparison based on legacy Getinge sterilizer of similar size and capacity. GSS67N data includes chilled water recirculation option. Data on file (TR914, T29477).

Getinge enlisted sterilizer operators and CS managers to provide vital feedback that guided the design of the unit’s innovative user interface display. As a result of this input, the GSS67N sterilizer requires less training and is easier to operate and monitor even by the least experienced or confident member of your CS staff.

Status at a glance

It's easy to see the time remaining, even from a distance.

Uncluttered information

See what is only needed at each particular stage of sterilization. Nothing more.

Help at your fingertips

The user interface provides clear, easy-to-understand, online help for problem-solving or accessing advanced features.

Alarms that inform

Every triggered alarm comes with clear onscreen directions for what action to take.

GSS67N's optimized chamber design maximizes load capacity per cycle while reducing floor space requirements. Highly-flexible load configurations accommodate the placement of tall containers and mixed-sized packaging.

In addition, the unit’s vertical door eliminates the need to allow for additional floor space required for horizontal sliding doors.

Getinge offers a choice of automatic and manual loading systems to enhance the daily workflow in your central sterile department, while providing an extra measure of operator comfort and safety.

Getinge Smart Trolleys are easy to maneuver and clean, featuring virtually effortless, semi-automatic loading and unloading. Smart Trolley’s electrical Power-Drive feature helps move heavy loads from a standstill position with ease.

Pictured: Manual loading system

GSS67N loading basket

Pictured: Automatic loading system

Today, your central sterile department is on the frontline in the never-ending battle against HAIs. In the face of increased scrutiny from regulatory agencies, accreditation organizations and an increasingly well informed public, it’s more important than ever to be able to document sterility assurance and best practices.

Access data on-demand

Getinge Online is a vital administrative and operational, online service that lets you access equipment data from your computer or smart phone on demand. This highly secure and encrypted online tool makes it possible to access real-time and historical performance data, spare parts ordering information and troubleshooting regimens.

Capture and store real-time cycle data

Your Getinge GSS67N Steam Sterilizer also gives you the ability to capture and store real-time cycle data via the Data Logging Module of our T-DOC Risk Management Software —a valuable source of information for CS managers and hospital administrators to help them quickly remediate any problems, improve production planning and verify compliance when called upon.

Technical data

Model 6710 6713 6717
Chamber volume 
468 l / 16.5 cu ft. 609 l / 21.5 cu ft. 796 l / 28.1 cu ft.
Chamber width 660 mm / 26 in. 660 mm / 26 in. 660 mm / 26 in.
Chamber height 700 mm / 27.5 in. 700 mm / 27.5 in. 700 mm / 27.5 in.
Chamber depth 1000 mm / 39.375 in. 1300 mm / 51.25 in. 1700 mm / 66.875 in.
Capacity 8 trays 12 trays 16 trays