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Loading equipment for 86-series, 88 Turbo & CM320-series

Loading equipment for 86-series, 88 Turbo & CM320-series

Combine as you like, change when you need.


Getinge's range has loading equipment for most types of goods and capacity needs. Some are designed for special tasks. Others are exceptionally flexible and can be used for more than one purpose. 

All equipment is designed with hygiene in mind, with easy-to-clean surfaces and good runoff. Whatever kind of goods you need to process, there is a solution for it.

For more information, please refer to the product brochures under the menu "Downloads" or contact your local Getinge representative.

Customized loading equipment

Flexible wash-cart

Easy closing spray arm docking

Adjustable MIS- system

Hygienic - easy to clean inside pipes


Automated loading and unloading for more effective work

For Getinge 86-series and 88 Turbo washer-disinfectors and the CM320 index washer-disinfectors, we offer an optional automatic loading and unloading system to reduce staff costs and match your individual workflow, throughput and space requirements.

SMART fixed-height loading trolley for disinfection
  • Automatic washable
  • One model for several washer-disinfectors
  • Easy to maneuver
Getinge AGS system (Air Glide System)

The principle of the Getinge AGS is "no waiting". Wash-carts are loaded into the washer-disinfector in the order of their arrival, since the wash-carts for all washer-disinfectors queue up at one single point.
The system handles all loading, program selection and unloading automatically.

Automatic loaders and unloaders

Automatic loading and unloading is a handy option that reduces handling time and enables the operator to perform other tasks.

Loading equipment for any need

The machines can be equipped with accessories for everything from recirculated goods, tubular instruments and various surgical sets to anaesthetic items and containers. There are also many accessories for hospital laboratory items.

For more detailed information, please refer to the separate list under the menu "Downloads" or contact your local Getinge representative.