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Maquet Volista Surgical Light

Maquet Volista
maquet volista product photo

Maquet Volista Surgical Light

Get a clear view of the surgical site with Maquet Volista. 

Providing the perfect price-performance balance, with advanced features, new capabilities and consistent natural color illumination.


Multiple light heads for your unique needs

Two versions of the light heads are available, allowing you to build a custom Maquet Volista system that meets your unique surgical needs.

Maquet Volista Access 600 and Maquet Volista StandOP 600

Maquet Volista Access

Maquet Volista StandOP

 Maquet volista and two doctors

Clear, consistent illumination in changing conditions

With the patented Luminance Management Device (LMD)*, luminance remains constant throughout the surgical procedure. LMD helps surgeons clearly visualize the surgical site without eye strain. 

* only available for Maquet Volista StandOP




Clear, consistent illumination improves patient safety, helping to deliver better outcomes.

Maquet Volista boost function

Enhanced safety

Improved illumination quality reduces eye strain for surgical teams and improves safety for patients.

Maquet Volista FSP

Improved performance

Clear illumination allows surgeons to focus exclusively on the patient, not on positioning the light heads.

Maquet Volista green ambient light

Green ambient lighting

Green ambient light brings a perfect lighting environment, during minimally invasive surgery, for easy viewing of and around operating fields.


The Maquet Volista Surgical Light sets itself apart with crisp, clear, shadow-free illumination to reduce eye strain in all surgical procedures. Surgeons get a clear view of the surgical site to deliver the best possible patient care

Adaptive luminance maintains optimum visual acuity

Luminance Management Device (LMD)*

  • From the surgeon's visual point of view, LMD regulates the illumination no matter the tissue type and compensates for shadows, thus, maintaining optimum visual acuity.
  • Surgical teams have full freedom of movement, without any reduction in illumination in the surgical field
  • Illumination automatically adjusts to the appropriate distance when the light head is moved up or down

*only available for Maquet Volista StandOP

Freedom of movement, without shadows

Automatic Illumination Management System (AIM)*

  • AIM automatically for the loss of illumination due  to the clinical staff's obstruction of light. Illumination is controlled intelligently and usefully to maximize visibility in the operating room.
  • Ideal shadow control, whatever the surgeon’s position
  • AIM reduces the heat on the surgeon’s head for a more comfortable work environment

* only available for Maquet Volista StandOP

  • Maintains consistent light output throughout the procedure
  • Avoids lighting fluctuations inherent to LED technology
  • Dynamic electronic control automatically compensates for any drop in intensity

  • A boost function provides a push button solution for quick delivery of additional light, 160K lux, when additional illumination is required.
  • BOOST mode is enabled only when the user actively presses and holds the illumination increase button, preventing accidental over illumination. The mode is automatically disabled when the illumination level is lowered or the light head is turned off.

  • True, authentic and reliable color temperature
  • Maquet Volista guarantees faithful color rendering with no colored cast shadows

  • Green ambient light improves contrast for a better view of screens during minimally invasive surgery
  • Provides illumination for peripheral staff and anesthesiologist during minimally invasive surgery

Safely interpret tissue condition

Maquet Volista uses only white LEDs, and is the only light to guarantee constant color rendering with no colored cast shadows. Maquet Volista offers true, authentic and reliable color temperature.


For optimal use in different clinical environments, Getinge surgical lights fulfill the needs of different surgical applications and ensures full flexibility in the OR with the following equipment:

Maquet Volistaview full HD video

Share images and video in full HD quality

  • Maquet Volistaview full HD video offers realistic images that can be used for education or consultation
  • The wireless HD camera is quickly placed into operation and is easily switched between lightheads and between operating suites.

Flat Screen Holder

Improve workflow with optimum access to imaging

  • The flat screen holder positions one or two flat screens near the patient for optimum visibility
  • Able to accommodate screens up to 30” each
  • Hygiene compliant

Maquet Satelite Ceiling Mount System

Create a multimedia hub in the OR

Maquet Satelite

The Maquet Satelite Ceiling Mount System positions equipment within easy reach.  The system allows for the removal of cables and equipment on the floor, thus, meeting the new requirements for hospital facilities. It provides a future-proof solution at a lower cost with less operating theatre downtime

See more!

Quick Lock System

No tools needed

  • No special tools or training are required to connect and disconnect surgical light cameras
  • Reduced cost of ownership; cameras can be shared among multiple ORs for maximum versatility
  • A simple attachment system means fewer breakable parts

Touchscreen Control Panel

Information at your fingertips

An intuitive hygienic touchscreen control panel performs the following:

  • Centralizes all information
  • Stores favorite settings as presets
  • Synchronizes light heads and camera settings
  • Assists with preventive maintenance, including the backup power supply testing, operating parameter storage and self-diagnostics
  • Compatible with various integration products made by Getinge