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Enabling therapies for your patients in the cath lab.

Confidence in the cath lab.

Getinge’s trusted intra-aortic balloons and pumps will inspire confidence for your minimally invasive procedures.

IABP – The standard of care in hemodynamic support

Your clinical observations, plus 40 years of clinical data, support the rational conclusion: intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) therapy is the first choice in acute hemodynamic support.

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All-in-one Heart-Lung Support

The CARDIOHELP System has a compact and functional design that provides maximum flexibility and easy handling of the device and its disposables. The portable system is a blood oxygenation and carbon dioxide removal system used to pump blood through the extracorporeal bypass circuit for circulatory and/or pulmonary support during procedures requiring cardiopulmonary bypass (for periods up to six hours).  

With its HLS Set Advanced, integrated sensors and intuitive software, the CARDIOHELP System is helping patients who require circulatory and/or pulmonary support.

Find out more about the CARDIOHELP System

All references

  1. Atrium Advanta V12 is CE and TGE approved for restoring the patency of iliac and renal arteries. Renal approval is for 5-7mm sizes. Atrium Advanta V12 has Canadian Health Ministry approval for restoring the patency of iliac lesions. Atrium Advanta V12 is not available in the U.S.