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Getting started with the Servo-u ventilator

Educational training video on how to get started using the Servo-u ventilator.

Getting started with NAVA on the Servo-u ventilator

Educational training video on how to get started using NAVA on the Servo-u ventilator.


Personalized ventilation for better outcomes

The physiological challenges of mechanical ventilation requires a powerful toolkit.

Automatic Stepwise Recruitment Maneuver (Auto SRM)

How to use it on the Servo-u ventilator

Support and Guidance




Cleaning & Maintenance Manuals Servo-air


Cleaning & Maintenance Manuals Servo-i/s


Cleaning & Maintenance Manuals Servo-i/s

Servo 300/300A

Servo 900

Ventilator Training Alliance

Centralized ventilator training repository

The Ventilator Training Alliance app connects you with ventilator training resources of several of the world’s ventilator manufacturers, including instructional how-to videos, manuals, troubleshooting guides, and other ventilator-operation expertise critical to treating patients suffering from COVID-19-related respiratory distress.

To download the knowledge hub application, visit the Apple App Store, the Google Play store or click below. 


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