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Vascular and Cardiothoracic Surgery Solutions

Over 50 years of technical and clinical experience in vascular graft technology.

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Knitted vascular grafts

Intergard Knitted

Proprietary textile design: reverse locknit knitting technique produces burst strength, radial tensile strength and s...

Hemashield Gold Knitted Microvel Double Velour

Hemashield Gold grafts - experience the difference:- Over 20 years of experience- Over 2 million Hemashield implants ...

Woven vascular grafts

Hemashield Platinum Woven Double Velour

Woven double velour collagen impregnated polyester graft.Water permeability: < 5ml/cm²/min[1]

Hemashield Platinum Woven Double Velour Aortic Branch

Woven double velour collagen impregnated polyester graft.Water permeability: < 5ml/cm²/min[1]

Intergard Woven

Collagen-coated external-velour polyester graft.Water permeability: < 5ml/cm²/min[1]

ePTFE grafts

Flixene Vascular Grafts

Flixene provides a durable vascular access option.

Advanta VXT Vascular Graft

Two-layer reinforced grafts


Hemashield Woven Double Velour Fabric

Woven double velour impregnated polyester fabric. Water permeability: < 10ml/cm²/min[1]

Hemashield Platinum Finesse Ultra-Thin Knitted Cardiovascular Patch

Proprietary Hemashield collagen impregnation provides uniform tissue ingrowth. Knitted material allows smooth needle ...

Tunneling solutions

Vascular Graft Tunneler Instrumentation

Innovative, low profile tunneling system

Slider Graft Deployment System

Provides fast graft attachment and insertion