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GEC Water Cascade Sterilizers

GEC Water Cascade Sterilizers

High-throughput terminal sterilization

GEC Water Cascade Sterilizers are primarily intended for terminal sterilization of large volumes of liquids in sealed glass or plastic containers.

Visión general

Water Cascade sterilizers deliver sterility of the product in a rapid cycle, yet are gentle enough to protect the integrity and shape of components, products, and packaging. A wide range of sterilization cycles provides application versatility. Water Cascade sterilizers use water as the sterilization media, recirculated by a high-capacity pump. These sterilizers are designed for high throughput, managing large quantities of goods in biopharmaceutical production facilities.

Customer installation

Customer case

Discover more about Getinges automated load handling solutions for terminal sterilization.

Process optimization support

Ensure an optimal sterilization process

We work together with you to develop the optimal cycle for your processing needs. Getinge can help you optimize testing and process development conditions at our process development lab in Getinge, Sweden. A specially designed sterilizer allows for programming of a wide range of sterilization cycles, giving you full control to optimize process parameters. 


Terminal sterilization

GMP regulations require that a product must be terminally sterilized if it doesn’t the quality, safety or efficacy of the packaged product. Our sterilization processes help you meet GMP regulations for all types of large volume and small volume parenteral packaging including ampoules, syringes, cartridges, IV bags, BFS containers, rigid glass, flexible containers, and more.

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GEV Steam/Air Mixture Sterilizers

Getinge GEV sterilizers are designed for sterilizing pharmaceutical products that must be dry and ready for further handling immediately after the cooling phase.

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Sterilizer Loading Equipment

The loading system is an integral part of efficient and user-friendly operation of any sterilization system. Getinge supports you with expertise and a wide range of loading equipment for many diverse applications.

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