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GEE Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilizers

GEE Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilizers

Safe and efficient low temperature sterilization

EO sterilization is used on heat/moisture sensitive products. The sterilization process allows the product to remain packed and palletized for the entire process, and is ready to ship without the need for additional re-packing or handling.

Visión general

The unique properties of ethylene oxide (EO) make it suitable for sterilization of products that are sensitive to heat and humidity. EO can penetrate wrapped and packaged goods to effectively sterilize at very low temperatures, making it the ideal technology for low temperature terminal sterilization. Getinge supports you with optimizing a complete EO sterilization plan for your specific product, workflow, and facility layout.

Process outline

The EO sterilization process consists of three stages. These stages can be performed within the sterilizer chamber or in three separate chambers.


In the pre-treatment stage the load is heated and humidified to prepare for sterilization.

EO sterilization

The load is sterilized with the correct concentration of EO gas at low temperatures.


In the post-conditioning stage, the gas is removed from the product and packaging for safe downstream handling.

Temperature control

To ensure rapid heating and a consistent load temperature, heated water is circulated through the jacket and doors. If required, a cooling system can also be included for rapid transition to lower temperatures.

Chamber recirculation

The chamber recirculation system is essential to ensure uniform gas and temperature distribution. The external distribution piping is heated to maintain temperature and minimize losses.

Vacuum system

GEE EO Sterilizers are equipped with liquid ring vacuum pumps providing efficient air removal of sterilizer chamber and internal load. The vacuum system removes high concentrations of EO from the chamber in a short period of time.

Gas dispensing

EO is usually supplied as liquid in pressurized containers. Vaporization ensures that liquid EO does not enter the sterilization area. The heating medium can be either steam or hot water for accurate temperature control and flow regulation.

Customer installation

GEE Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer - Customer site

GEE Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer - Customer site


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