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Meditrax manual surgical instrument traceability


Meditrax manual surgical instrument traceability

Basic surgical instrument tracking 

Meditrax is the manual instrument tracking system that allows you to record every step in the sterile supply workflow. Meditrax enables CSSDs to meet their main objective – to supply sterile instruments and prove sterility by adhering to procedures. 

Visión general

Meditrax is the complete manual surgical instrument traceability and quality assurance solution that enables you to protect your patients and staff. Meditrax documents all steps in the sterile supply flow, is easy-to-use, and provides the basic functionalities as an electronic solution.

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Explore the world of sterile workflow optimization and the many ways in which Getinge can help you establish structured workflows.

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Getinge offers a wide range of products, solutions and services, that support you through the entire clinical pathway. We encourage you to explore our world and learn how we can help you provide excellent care without ever compromising on quality and safety.


T-DOC 2000
Sterile Supply Management

T-DOC 2000 ensures complete traceability, optimized instrument and device utilization, and just-in-time delivery for surgeries, enabling the best patient care. 

T-DOC assistant scans load to sterilizer  with T-DOC Sterile Supply Management software solution from Getinge

T-DOC Select
Sterile Supply Management

T-DOC Select is Getinge’s instrument traceability solution for mid-sized hospitals that optimizes the sterile production and ensures regulatory compliance.

T-DOC endo assistant registering endoscopes with T-DOC Sterile Supply Management from Getinge

T-DOC Endo

T-DOC Endo is Getinge's endoscopy traceability solution that manages and documents the complex handling and reprocessing of your endoscopes.


Hospital Wide

Getinge’s efficiency software solutions offer tools for consistency
and efficiency, enabling staff to focus on delivering the best patient care.