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Getinge SteriTec Industrial

SteriTec Industrial

Getinge SteriTec Industrial

Retort-Checks indicator is used as a food processing indicator.

Visión general

A food processing indicator with purple-to-green ink technology for steam pressure processing. SteriTec Retort-Checks signals errors in processing time/temperature or malfunction in equipment.

  • RC 101/B - 121° C for 6 minutes +/- 40 seconds or longer
  • RC 101/C - 121° C for 15 minutes +/- 1.5 minutes or longer
  • RC 101/D - 121° C for 25 minutes +/- 2.5 minutes or longer
  • RC 101/E - 121° C for 35 minutes +/- 3.5 minutes or longer
  • RC 101/F - 121° C for 45 minutes +/- 4.5 minutes or longer
  • RC 101/G - 121° C for 60 minutes +/- 6 minutes or longer


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