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Modular Tubing Sets

Modular Tubing Sets
Modular Tubing Sets
Modular Tubing Sets

Modular Tubing Sets

Perfusion simplified with the modular tubing set approach by Getinge

Modular tubing sets are the first step to make perfusion easier, faster and safer.

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Combined expertise
to make perfusion simpler

The combined expertise of perfusionists and Getinge is the basis for creation of the modular tubing sets. These sets comply with international standards of practice, adhering to minimum safety considerations for the safe conduct of surgical perfusion.

Machine sets

1. Venous hardshell cardiotomy reservoir (VHK)
2. Quadrox-i oxygenator
3. Blood transfer bag
4. Bypass line with pressure measuring line
5. Priming line
6. Gas line with filter
7. Extension lines
8. Purge line for integrated arterial filter

Machine set consists of the disposables and the tubing, which are assembled on the heart-lung machine and carry the perfused blood between the table lines and reservoir, pump, oxygenator.

Main components include the reservoir, the oxygenator with integrated arterial filter and pump lines. Several variations are available as well as additional components and lines.

Table Sets

1. Arterial and venous line
2. Suction line
3. Vent line

Table set consists of lines, which are connected between the patient and the heart-lung machine lines.

Main components include arterial line, venous line, suction lines, vent lines and pre-bypass filter, if needed. Several variations as well as additional components and lines are available in different lengths depending on where the heart-lung machine is located.

Cardioplegia Sets

1. Cardioplegia heat exchanger (Plegiox)
2. Drip chamber for cardioplegia solution
3. Blood line
4. Stopcock
5. Pressure line
6. Table line

Cardioplegia set includes the tubing lines and disposable components, which are used for carrying the cardioplegia solution to the heart for myocardial protection.

Getinge has cardioplegia sets for standard cardioplegia solution delivery methods, like blood cardioplegia or crystalloid cardioplegia.

Hemoconcentrator Sets

1. Hemoconcentrator (BC)
2. Filtration line
3. Blood outlet line
4. Blood inlet line
5. Filtration bag

Hemoconcentrator set consists of the inlet and outlet tubing lines, a waste bag and the hemoconcentrator. Several variations are available as well as additional components and lines.

Additional Components and Lines

Additional components and lines are available for all modules and include accessories and lines such as a Rotaflow Centrifugal Pump RF-32, gas lines, suction lines, pre-bypass filter, pressure dome. Several variations are available depending on size / weight of the patient (tubing diameter).



Modular tubing sets ensure a quality standard in production, configuration and validation and have been intensively tested and validated at Getinge.

Drawing approvals, documentation or verification for quality assurance are now a thing of the past. Getinge ensures that the modular tubing sets comply with the guidelines for minimum system requirements and risk analysis for the Getinge Heart-Lung Machine HL 40.


Modular tubing sets are pre-produced and available from stock. Availability is normally given within two working days. This facilitates sustainable planning and inventory management.

When selecting modules, the new digital product catalog for modular tubing sets is available to help. The e-catalog contains a detailed overview of the individual modules and customized configuration of these modules is possible.


Stay flexible with modular tubing sets, the modules contain all the essential components you need for an extracorporeal circuit. The combination of modules is completely customizable.

Modules consists of table sets, machine sets, hemoconcentrator sets, cardioplegia sets and additional components and lines. Uncoated versions or with Softline Coating are available for adults and small adult patients.

Modular Tubing Sets

The digital product catalog

A central point for all essential data, information on the different sets, including the technical drawing, as well as the possibility to compile your own configuration.

Get an overview and save time.

Go directly to the product catalog

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