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Wash Monitors

Wash Monitors

Used routinely, the wash monitors provide independent verification that the cleaning process is consistently providing the desired cleaning result.

Visión general

Wash monitors/indicators are used both to verify the result of the pre-cleaning – for instance using an ultrasonic cleaner indicator, but also to assure the main cleaning and disinfection process performed in a washer-disinfector was satisfactory.

A Protein test could preferably be used at the inspection of instruments to further detect protein residues on single cleaned and disinfected instruments – which would not be visible to the naked eye, for instance inside lumen instruments and endoscopes. With an instant protein reaction, these tests are quick and easy to use and can detect residual protein down to 1 microgram in less than 10 seconds. Synthetic Test soil can be used in order to simulate a ”real situation” when undergoing a validation or type testing a washer-disinfector or ultrasonic product.

Wash Monitoring Products

Wash monitors

Test soil

Protein tests


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