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Life on Hold –
Watch the film

Life on Hold –
Watch the film

Innovation and digitization, that's what drives us

Experience in planning and organizing work, state-of-the-art IT solutions, project competence and meeting deadlines - that's what Getinge stands for. The patient, personnel, and instrument flows are subject to intensive analysis. In this way, resources can be employed more efficiently and cost-effectively. What begins with intelligent and forward-thinking planning results in comprehensive solutions that optimize the long-term workflow. Getinge is thus able to offer its clients workflow designs that not only keep up, but also stay ahead.

Now Artificial Intelligence can help make ORs more productive

Using data you already have, Getinge can help automate your OR management and reduce your surgical backlog – starting today. A new AI feature in Torin  analyzes data from hundreds of thousands of procedures, using machine learning to optimize dozens of variables that complicate surgical scheduling. The result: a more proactive understanding of how long surgeries really take so you can minimize downtime for your OR.

Learn more about Torin Artificial Intelligence

Study shows hospitals are concerned about surgical wait times

- but they’re not using the AI tools that could shorten them

A new study of U.S. hospitals shows more than half don’t use advanced digital tools that can shorten wait times. Instead, hospitals are hiring additional personnel and ask existing staff to work longer hours. The survey shows that U.S. hospitals are seriously concerned about growing wait times, but they’re not using the AI tools that can increase efficient use of the operating room.

Learn more about the study

6 steps to prioritize and manage your surgical waiting list

Manage surgery backlogs and surgical waiting lists through proactive patient prioritization planning. With Torin OptimalQ, you're just steps away from having a prioritized surgery schedule.

Check out our webinar on how to utilize AI to optimize OR efficiency

Join us in the upcoming webinar where speakers will discuss the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how to better predict surgery times with machine learning. We will talk about how to optimize your surgery planning and make waiting list prioritization – all for a more efficient OR.

Connectivity means more care

Whether you’re trying to optimize OR scheduling, enhance patient safety, increase communication between devices or expand workflow capacity, in all the places where efficiency matters most, Connected Health Care means more care for your patients with less stress for your staff.

Learn more about Connected Health Care

Surgery planning has never been easier

Torin helps predict surgery times and improves surgery planning. All this to ensure that the daily schedule stays on time. With Torin, resources are utilized more efficiently in and across departments.​

Torin OR management is available in three levels matching your needs:


Torin Planning

User-friendly surgery scheduling and visual overviews:

  • Validated and conflict-free surgery plan
  • Maximized use of resources
  • Consistent quality of care

Torin Progress

On-time execution and complete documentation:

  • On-time surgery schedule
  • Rescheduling tool to accommodate deviations
  • Complete surgery documentation of all surgery steps



Torin Optimization

Optimized decision support:

  • Artificial Intelligence driven surgery times prediction
  • Manage and prioritize your surgical waiting list with Torin OptimalQ
  • Business Intelligence and unique data analytics for decision support
  • Improved department performance
  • Customized solution

It's impressive to see that these predictions are possible with modern machine learning algorithms. That's really new and fascinating.