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Getinge GEW 8668 Biotech/Laboratory Washer-Dryer

getinge biotech/laboratory washer
getinge gew 8668 biotech/laboratory washer

Getinge GEW 8668 Biotech/Laboratory Washer-Dryer

High cleaning performance in a compact footprint

The sanitary design of the GEW 8668 is intended for demanding cleaning applications within the biotech and laboratory industries. It efficiently uses space and utilities to minimize operating cost while maximizing cleaning performance. 


The Getinge GEW 8668 Biotech/Laboratory Washer is engineered with high-quality components chosen to enhance contamination control and support a sanitary process. Construction and design details, from stainless steel surfaces with low roughness value to enhanced ergonomic machine interfaces, are carefully integrated into a highly functional system that plays a critical role in your quality assurance program. The washer is available in single-door and pass-through models to best meet your facility’s layout and process requirements.

Water circulation system maximizes effectiveness

The water circulation system is partially made in stainless steel AISI 316L for long-term durability and water flow. The hydraulic circuit design incorporates low-radius bends to effectively distribute liquid through rotating spray arms and injectors, maximizing flow and pressure to the load. Piping and major parts are strategically sloped to permit residual water to collect at the lowest point. Tri-clamp connectors comply with best practices for sanitary system design. A high efficacy AISI 316/316L stainless steel main water circulation pump provides a high-volume flow wash. Polished inner surfaces comply with the sanitary requirements of the industry.

Chamber designed for performance

The sanitary chamber is designed with cleaning performance in mind. The wash chamber is constructed in solid, high quality AISI 316L stainless steel and robot welded from the outside to achieve best possible sanitary design. Internal surfaces are polished with a surface roughness of Ra≤0.4 μm (plain surfaces) to facilitate good cleaning capabilities.

Effective drying system

Two powerful fans pull fresh air through the heat exchanger to the heating elements. Air passes over the HEPA H14 filter before entering the chamber. The heat exchanger uses accumulated energy to preheat incoming air, reducing the cycle time and saving energy. Heat exchangers also reduce the humidity and temperature of the air before discharge into the building ventilation system.

Flexible dosing system

The GEW 8668 can be equipped with up to four independent peristaltic or two independent diaphragm-dosing pumps that increase the flexibility of customer-specific process requirements. The diaphragm pump is a high accuracy, calibrated dosing system. The pumps have built in flow meters for independent monitoring and increased process control. 

Ensuring reliable process control

All functions are accessed through the intuitive, icon-based Getinge Centric 7" color touchscreen panel for one-touch operation. Generic wash cycles are factory loaded; you can also program custom cycles to meet your specific process requirements. The control system is linked to multiple sensors for process monitoring and quality assurance. Specific parameters can be monitored for increased process control. Alarms are generated and washer operation suspended if parameters go outside pre-set values. Batch reports can be printed or digitally stored as a pdf. Network capabilities allow for network printing or storage as well. 

Tailor your load cart for various goods

GEW 8668 wash carts are designed for flexibility and ease of use. The same cart can be fitted with different cassettes to accommodate different types of goods. Using the cassette system, you can tailor the cart precisely to your needs. The GEW 8668 also offers custom-made racks for unique items, which are common in production settings.

gew 8668 washer/dryer soilside

Automated loading for high capacity processing

The GEW 8668 can be equipped with automated loading solutions optimized for different capacity needs. Your automated system can consist of automatic loading/unloading stations or Getinge’s fully automated Air Glide System (AGS) with shuttles and conveyors handling the loading and unloading of wash carts. The wash carts have sensors which automatically start the correct wash program for a specific cart. Automatic loading and unloading are handy options that reduce handling and washing time, freeing the operator to perform other tasks

Basic, extended or high level of documentation

The GEW 8668 washer offers three levels of documentation and commissioning. The basic level includes manuals and calibration certificates; the optional extended level also includes material certificates and a one-day commissioning. The optional high-level documentation package provides FAT and IQ/OQ documents.

Automated loading solutions

Getinge GEW 8668 Biotech/Laboratory Washer-Dryer - Automated loading solutions

Loading trolley docking

Loading trolley docking to conveyor for transfer of the rack

gew 8668 installation soilside

The AGS-shuttle picks up the rack at the end of the load conveyor.

gew 8668 soiledside shuttle moving

The AGS shuttle transports the rack to an available washer.

gew 8668 shuttle

The rack is transferred from the AGS-shuttle into the washer chamber.

getinge washer

The washer automatically starts the wash cycle

gew 8668 unloading

After cycle completion the rack is automatically transferred to the unloading conveyor on the clean side. AGS shuttle is also available on the unloading side.

gew washer/dryer return conveyor

After unloading of the clean glassware, The empty rack is placed on the return conveyor for transport to the soiled side.

gew 8668 conveyor transport

The return conveyor transports the empty rack back to the clean side, ready for the next process


Labware cleaning and sterilization

Getinge can support your life science lab’s unique settings and challenges. Our laboratory washers, sterilizers, chemicals, and loading accessories efficiently ensure contamination-free experiments and tests.

Learn more about Getinge’s laboratory solutions