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Getinge Operating Tables Accessories

operating tables accessories
operating tables accessories
operating tables accessories

Getinge Operating Tables Accessories

A comprehensive range of surgical tables accessories for the best possible patient positioning.


Getinge creates products in close collaboration with doctors and hospitals. This helps to optimize workflows, facilitate the work of the OR team, and improve the success of treatments for patients. Getinge offers a comprehensive range of
accessories for the best possible patient positioning. There are a variety of suitable surgical tables accessories for different needs and types of surgery, be it infusion stands, or metalfree and radiolucent multi-purpose plates.

SFC and IPC pads

Optimizing patient comfort while reducing costly complications

Maquet Operating Tables ranges* are equipped with special paddings aiming at optimizing patient’s comfort during surgery and improving post-surgical recovery.

Choosing the right OR table pads can reduce the risk of costly complications and delays in recovery. Both SFC and IPC pads ensures leveled weight pressure distribution, aiming at providing safe and stable patient position.

* IPC is available for dedicated accessories only as well as for the 1160 table tops.

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Traction Boot

Range of accessories

Orthopedics and traumatology

Modern orthopedics and traumatology require particularly demanding positions and accessories that are coordinated for interventions. Maquet’s accessories for orthopedics and traumatology cover the full range of standard applications.

In conjunction with experts and users, innovative solutions are developed which support new surgical procedures. More advanced imaging procedures, such as 3D X-ray technology, again increase the demands placed on OR tables and accessories in orthopedics.

Maquet accessories for orthopedics and traumatology meet the requirements for optimum X-ray results: from highquality carbon-fiber materials through to the shape of the modules and to the radiolucency of the pad material.

Download our accessories calatog here!


Stable and anatomically precise patient positioning is important for all
surgical disciplines, none more so than neurosurgery because any unintentional movement of the OR table could influence the position of the patient and have fatal consequences.

All Maquet OR Tables are designed to give the surgeon optimum access to the patient. The use of modern imaging procedures, for example, 3D X-rays, places increasing demands on the OR table accessories for neurosurgery. With specially designed and radiolucent accessories as well as high-quality pads, our products facilitate optimum X-ray results.

Download our accessories calatog here!

Knee surgery

The motor-driven knee positioning device is suited for various forms of surgery. The product’s area of application is in the field of knee prosthetics, arthroscopic and open surgical procedures in the area of the knee as well as the treatment of fractures. The knee positioning device facilitates the surgeon’s control of the flexing and stretching movements required during surgery. The secure fixation of the leg is ensured during this action. The device is fastened to the side rails of the OR table with an included clamp and can be operated by the surgeon via foot switch.

A manually operated knee positioning device is also available and safely secures the thigh for several types of knee joint procedures. As it is horizontally and vertically adjustable, the device can be flexibly adapted to the body of the patient. The knee positioning device is fastened to the side rail of the OR table with the included radial setting clamp.

Download the Knee positioning device flyer

OR Tables accessories anesthesia screen

General accessories

Each position is different, depending on the upcoming operation, the patient and
the habits of the OR personnel.
Alongside the many special accessories, Maquet also offers standard OR table
accessories that can be used regardless of the surgical discipline, from anesthesia
screens and infusion stands through to body supports.

OR Tables accessories head rest

Head rests

The head rest plays an important role in the anatomically correct positioning
of the patient. For this purpose, Maquet offers a wide variety of head positioning
accessories: from head rest adapters and simple head rests through to radiolucent horseshoe head rests.

OR Tables accessories arm support

Arm supports

Correct support for the patient’s arm plays an important part in a successful
procedure. A poorly positioned arm may lead to nerve damage for the patient.
Even in short interventions, it may result in pressure points on the skin.

OR Tables accessories multipurpose plate

Back and lithotomy positioning

The range of back plates supplied by Maquet is extremely versatile. They include from radiolucent multi-purpose plates, modular back plates for shoulder operations, extension plates for very large patients, and trapezoidal shaped plates that improve ergonomic access to patients. Seat plate extensions, for example, for laparoscopy or urological interventions, complete the range.

OR Tables accessories Leg positioning

Leg positioning

Safe and comfortable leg positioning supports optimum treatment outcomes
for the patient. At the same time, lightweight leg plates or transfer boards
considerably ease the frequent changeover of OR tables, as is usual in, for
example, gynaecology.

For every type of leg position, Maquet offers suitable accessories. From simple leg plates and flexible leg plates in four segments, through to leg holders for gynecological and urological interventions. Special carbon-fiber materials meet the high demands of imaging procedures.

Download our accessories calatog here!

Leg holder

leg holder and knee crutches for lithotomy positioning

Leg holder and knee crutches

A single leg holder to minimize your investment and save time between surgeries

Proper leg and foot positioning is essential for patient comfort and effective surgical site access in gynecology, obstetrics, urology, and proctology. Our leg holder system can now be used with two variants of knee crutches supporting up to 160 or 250 kg to fit a wide range of patients.

The right position for each patient: The leg holder adjustment angles varies from 85° upwards to  50° downwards. Abduction possibilities range from 10° to 23°.

Download the Flyer