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Servo-air Ventilator

Servo-n non-invasive mechanical ventilator, intuitive, powerful, customizable. Personalized ventilation meets high mobility.

Servo-air Ventilator

Liberating performance

Servo-air is easy to use and independent from compressed air and external power supplies. It makes owning, learning and using quality ventilation even more attainable.


Ventilation can be complicated. But the ventilator doesn't have to be.

With its versatility for ICU to intermediate care and non-invasive and invasive ventilation, Servo-air provides liberating performance for the entire team and now also with High Flow therapy option.

Servo-air ready


Pre-use check is performed during stand-by. On screen help, with images and text, guides you through every step.

Servo-air set

Setting up

On-screen instructions help you choose between modes. Dynamic images illustrate how each adjustment affects the ventilation.

Servo-air go


The automatic calculation and trending of VT/PBW gives you a continuous ventilation target while checklists and shortcuts help you manage alarms.

Servo-air free


Automode helps your patients transition into spontaneous breathing and weaning. The 72-hour measured trends help you provide follow-up care.


Ease of use at bedside and during intra-hospital transport

Technology you can trust and efficient use of time are always critical in healthcare settings.

Uninterrupted ventilation

The battery-powered turbine eliminates the need for heavy gas cylinders, allowing Servo-air to follow the patient more easily throughout the hospital.  The batteries are hot-swappable and easy to change, even during transport.

Servo-air easy of use

Easy to use

Servo-air makes it easy to get started and builds confidence with every use. The context-based guidance supports you throughout pre-use check, initial parameter setting and the entire treatment.

Servo-air alarm management

Alarm management

The alarm management system includes short descriptions to help you respond to alarms. And highlights let you know what values are affected while shortcuts take you directly to what needs to be changed.

Servo-air nebulizer

Integrated nebulization

Aerogen nebulization is integrated into Servo-air, removing the need for a separate device. Aerogen delivers medicine to the patient’s lung efficiently without heating or degrading.

Servo-air High-Flow therapy

High Flow therapy

There is no need to interrupt the ventilation of your patient when switch to High Flow therapy. You don't have to switch to another device or change tubing sets. Nebulization is also possible during High Flow therapy.


Servo Compass

Servo Compass visualizes the volume and pressure of each breath in relation to set targets.

Building on a legacy of ventilation performance

The entire Servo family is designed to optimize the interaction between patient and ventilator for better comfort and performance. Servo-air is no different.

Non-invasive ventilation

Gentle non-invasive ventilation (NIV) reduces the need for patient sedation and a separate NIV ventilator. With a sensitive trigger and gentle flow, and due to the silent turbine technology, you can help keep your patients comfortably ventilated.

Invasive ventilation

The combination of high-flow and high-pressure with a precise and accurate delivery allows you to ventilate adult and pediatric patients. With the availability of various modes, you have the possibility to adapt to any patient situation.


On-screen VT/PBW

The tidal volume per kilogram of predicted body weight is an important parameter which is known to affect patient survival. It is automatically calculated and trended, allowing you to set and monitor the correct tidal volume for each patient.


Automode is an interactive ventilation mode. It switches between controlled and supported ventilation depending on patient effort, providing a smoother transition to spontaneous breathing with less need for staff intervention.

Taking the stress out of ownership

Optimizing uptime, efficiency, and service

Servo-air consumables

High quality consumables

We offer an extensive range of readily available consumables designed for the highest possible patient safety and ease of use – all to help secure your everyday operations.


Smart fleet management

The Servo family of ventilators share the design, many components and come with the same easy-access service structure and interface.

Servo-air uptime

Maximum uptime

Optimizing your equipment's services is often an untapped opportunity. Our Getinge Care service offering will ensure that your equipment always performs at peak levels allowing you to focus on what’s important - saving lives.


Improve your knowledge with our free e-learning courses.

Servo-air start up guide (20 min)

Also available for Servo-air NIV

  • Preparing for patient
  • Ventilating and responding to alarms
  • Maneuvers and interventions

English (voice over) | Dutch | French | German | Italian | Spanish | Portugese

Modes of ventilation module 1:
settings and waveforms (20 min)

  • Introduction to waveforms and ventilator settings

English (voice over) | Dutch | French | German | Italian | Spanish | Swedish

Modes of ventilation module 2:
Controlled modes (20 min)

  • Pressure Control, Volume Control, PRVC and Bi-Vent/APRV

English (voice over) | Dutch | French | German | Italian | Spanish | Swedish