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Getinge launches Maquet Meera CL – an OR table ideal for general surgery and versatile use

Getinge launches Maquet Meera CL – an OR table ideal for general surgery and versatile use

Maquet Meera CL is here, a new OR table that comes with a smart hand control* to improve usability. This is the newest member of the Maquet Meera family, ideal for general surgery and versatile use.

Maquet Meera CL is built on the same components as the rest of the operating tables in the Maquet Meera family, manufactured in Rastatt, Germany, where Getinge has been building OR tables for decades. Maquet Meera CL brings a simplified table base with a mechanical locking system and manual leg movement. The design brings all essential functionalities needed, ideal for hospitals looking for price competitive options.

“Our Maquet Meera OR tables are built on the same solid foundation and base functionality, and with our different models we want to address various customer needs,” explains Stéphane Le Roy, President Surgical Workflows at Getinge.

With Maquet Meera CL comes the compatibility of Maquet Meera with the new smart hand control that was introduced when the latest Maquet Otesus table top launched. It is cable corded as well as remote, with a large graphic touchscreen that makes setup of the table easy and smooth. It continuously receives and displays real-time information.

“This enables more ergonomic handling, saves time, enhances safety and simplifies documentation. With the smart hand control we take a big step forward to improve usability, and soon this will also be available also for our other Maquet Meera tables,” tells Dominik Birkner, Product Manager OR Tables at Getinge.

Another feature is stability for the largest patients. With its robust base, Maquet Meera CL is perfect for bariatric surgeries of patients weighing up to 454 kg.

“With its large sized castors, the table is easy to maneuver both in the OR and the hospital hallways without any effort as the special design of the castors enables intermediate operation, straight-line travel and free-wheeling. Also, the mechanical locking mechanism is simple and reliable,” says Dominik Birkner.

A motorized longitudinal shift delivers increased access for the surgeon, while simultaneously refining accessibility for medical imaging devices such as C-arms, improving intraoperative diagnostics and treatment. 360° imaging is possible when paired with carbon fiber accessories.

“As all Maquet Meera OR tables feature the same interfaces as past Getinge Mobile OR tables we offer a wide range of accessories which makes it a sustainable choice. With this we ensure compatibility and extended life of our customers’ existing OR table investments,” explains Dominik Birkner.

Learn more about Maquet Meera CL and the rest of the Maquet Meera family

Maquet Meera CL is CE marked and available throughout Europe. It is pending registration in the rest of the world. For more details, contact your Getinge representative.

*The smart hand control software will be available shortly.