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Applikon AppliSens sensors

AppliSens DO2 sensors to measure dissolved oxygen concentration in bioprocesses
Applikon bioreactor headplate with AppliSens sensors for bioprocess analytics
AppliSens pH sensors to measure the pH value in cultivation processes

Applikon AppliSens sensors

Accurate measurements of your bioprocess

In the biotech- and pharmaceutical industry it is vital to have precise information about the process values of the bioprocess. These values directly affect viability, productivity, stability of the cells and influence the analysis of active ingredients. The AppliSens sensors are specifically designed for long-term, stable and accurate measurements in bioprocesses.


Continuous measurement of parameters enable process optimization and product yield maximization

  • Stable signal over longer time
  • Easy calibration and short response time
  • Low sensitivity to fouling and thus drifting

Proper control of a bioprocess requires reliable monitoring of many process parameters. From basic physiochemical properties such as pH or dissolved oxygen to determination of biomass density or metabolite concentrations, Getinge offers several process analytical technologies (PAT) for making sophisticated measurements of your bioprocess.

Optical DO: LumiSens

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Longer sensor life time due to two-part design
  • Direct use after autoclaving as no polarization is needed

The Applikon LumiSens sensor can be used right after autoclaving. Polarization is no longer needed, compared to the traditional polarographic DO2 sensors, and the need for calibration is significantly decreased to only once per year instead of calibrating for every run. The electrolyte and membranes don't need replacement, reducing maintenance costs. The RedFlash optical technology allows accurate measurements especially in the low oxygen concentration range where classic probes are less accurate. The smart sensor design separates the electronics from the glass sensor part, guaranteeing a long sensor life with repeated sterilizations.

AppliSens DO2 sensors

DO2 Sensors

  • Easy calibration
  • Low drift by usage of titanium and PEEK material
  • Optimal cleanability due to fully electro-polished surface

Measurements of dissolved oxygen (DO2) in biotechnological processes is a basis for process optimization and maximization of the product yield. A microorganism or cell responds to the oxygen concentration in regulating its overall metabolism. Therefore, knowledge of the DO2 concentration and its proper control during the process are of great importance. The AppliSens DO2-sensor is specifically designed for long-term, stable and accurate measurements in bioprocesses. The DO2-sensor has a titanium membrane module to minimize the measurement drift.

AppliSens pH sensors

pH Sensors

  • Accurate measurement
  • Stable signal over longer time
  • Low sensitivity to fouling and thus drifting due to sleeve diaphragm

Within upstream bioprocessing it is vital to have precise information about the pH value of the bioprocess. The pH level directly affects viability, productivity, and stability of the cells and it influences the analysis of active ingredients. The AppliSens pH+ sensor has a fixed sleeve diaphragm that reduces the influence of the culture medium on the pH measurement. Compared to classic diaphragm types, this sleeve diaphragm increases measuring accuracy and the lifetime of the sensor which is vital for long lasting biotech cultivation processes.

RedOx Sensors

  • Accurate measurement
  • Short response time
  • Stable signal over longer time

The RedOx potential (Reduction / Oxidation) of a bioreactor culture can be measured using a RedOx sensor. The value of the reading of the sensor can depend on pH, growth phase, growth medium components, and fermentation  endproducts (especially fermentation acids and hydrogen). RedOx measurement is also used in anaerobic fermentations as an alternative to the Dissolved Oxygen sensor which does not give much process information in anaerobic situations.

Features & Specifications

Applicable for cGMP applications

The AppliSens sensors consist of FDA approved materials which make them cGMP compatible. They withstand repeated sterilize-in-place (SIP) and clean-in-place (CIP) cycles.

Compact design of sensor and sensor head

The AppliSens sensors have a robust design using a tempered glass shaft. The sensor heads occupy minimal space on the bioreactor top plate allowing easy set up.

Interchangeable with other brands

The AppliSens sensors come with a standardized PG 13.5 connection, which guarantees interchangeability with other bioreactor brands. Freedom of choice.

LumiSens Optical DO Sensors Specifications

Physical characteristics  
Diameter (mm) 8
Insertion length (mm) 115, 135, 185
Cable connection USB-A
Measurement range temperature 0 – 70 °C
Measurement range 0 - 250% (Air), 0 - 50% (Oxygen)
Glass tube life time Minimum 20 autoclave cycles
Measurement principle Optical
Sensor connection Magnetic
Signal Digital


DO2 Sensors Specifications

Physical characteristics  
Diameter (mm) 12
Insertion length (mm) 70, 110, 235, 325, 425, 590
Diameter for mini bioreactor (mm) 8
Insertion length for mini bioreactor (mm) 150, 170
Sensor connection K9
Signal Analog nA
Drift <2% per week


pH Sensors Specifications

Physical characteristics  
Diameter (mm) 12
Length (mm) 120, 235, 325, 425, 590
Diameter for mini bioreactor (mm) 8
Length for mini bioreactor (mm) 115, 135, 185
Sensor connection K9
Communication type Analog mV
Measurement range (pH) 0 - 12

RedOx Sensors Specifications

Physical characteristics  
Diameter (mm) 12
Length (mm) 120, 235, 325
Diameter for mini bioreactor (mm) 8
Length for mini bioreactor (mm) 115, 135, 185
Sensor connection K9
Communication type Analog mV


The Applikon AppliSens sensors are ideal for the following applications:

  • Cell cultures 
  • Microbial cultures
  • Anaerobic and micro-aerobic cultures
  • Batch
  • Fed-Batch
  • Continuous cultures
  • Perfusion cultures

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