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Applikon Micro-Flask

The Applikon Micro-Flask with various configurations of cover clamps and sandwich covers
The Applikon Micro-Flask by Duetz design

Applikon Micro-Flask

Reproducible cultivation in microtiter plates

An easy-to-use, and cost-effective technology platform for the rapid handling and growth of large numbers of microbial strains, clonal libraries, mutant banks, and cell lines. This system enables a single person to grow and test thousands of strains simultaneously with a minimum of repetitive handlings.


Speed up your process by cultivating strains in parallel

  • Low and uniform evaporation rates
  • Sterile barrier for individual wells prevents cross contamination
  • Oxygen transfer rates similar to shake flasks in standard orbital shakers
  • Conversion of 24 and 96 microtiter plates (both deep and low-well plates) into individual micro-bioreactors
  • Simultaneous and reproducible sampling of 96 frozen glycerol stocks using our Cryo-Replicator

All handling with the Micro-Flask is performed in parallel with sets of 24 or 96 strains. It provides a more efficient use of your current orbital shaker, with time savings up to a factor 10 possible. It allows for the same quality of growth as in Erlenmeyer flasks in terms of oxygen transfer rates and reproducibility.

Consumables & Accessories

The Applikon Micro-Flask allows for:

  • various square deep-well and round low-well microtiter plates
  • a Sandwich-cover (silicone seal, ePTFE + microfibre layer and stainless steel cover)
  • a clamp
  • a Cryo replicator and press

Features & Specifications

Individual micro-reactors

The Micro-Flask turns 6, 24 and 96-well microtiter plates into individual micro-reactors enabling simultaneous and reproducible cultivations.

Transfer of oxygen

The oxygen transfer in the Micro-Flask is similar to fermenters enabling accurate cultivations.


Type of
microtiter plate
Well volume Culture volume Orbital shaking frequency Shaking amplitude O2-transfer rate
(30˚C, air, 1 bar)
Headspace refreshment rate Evaporation rate per well
(at 30˚C)
Mixing pattern
at 300 rpm


25 mm
50 mm
24-square deep-well
17x17 mm,
depth 40 mm
11000 µL 2500 µL 300 rpm 50 mm 51 mmol O2/l/h 2.5 mL / min
(1 VVM)

50% humidity:
50 µL H2O per day

75% humidity:
25 µL H2O per day

2500 µL 2500 µL
2500 µL 300 rpm 25 mm 39 mmol O2/l/h
2500 µL 220 rpm 50 mm 35 mmol O2/l/h
4000 µL 300 rpm 50 mm 24 mmol O2/l/h 2.5 mL / min
(0.6 VVM)
4000 µL 220 rpm 25 mm 24 mmol O2/l/h
24-round low-well
polystyrene, ⌀16 mm,
depth 18 mm
3000 µL 750 µL 300 rpm 50 mm 40 mmol O2/l/h 1.1 mL / min
(1.4 VVM)

50% humidity:
30 µL H2O per day

75% humidity:
15 µL H2O per day

1000 µL 1000 µL
750 µL 300 rpm 25 mm 25 mmol O2/l/h
1000 µL 300 rpm 50 mm 30 mmol O2/l/h 1.1 mL / min
(1.1 VVM)
1000 µL 300 rpm 25 mm 19 mmol O2/l/h
96-square deep-well
8x8 mm,
depth 40 mm
2400 µL 500 µL 300 rpm 50 mm 38 mmol O2/l/h 1 mL / min
(2 VVM)

50% humidity:
22 µL H2O per day

75% humidity:
11 µL H2O per day

750 µL 750 µL
500 µL 300 rpm 25 mm 12 mmol O2/l/h
750 µL 300 rpm 50 mm 24 mmol O2/l/h 1 mL / min
(1.3 VVM)
750 µL 300 rpm 25 mm 7 mmol O2/l/h
1000 µL 300 rpm 50 mm 18 mmol O2/l/h 1 mL / min
(1 VVM)
1000 µL 300 rpm 25 mm 3 mmol O2/l/h
96-round low-well
⌀6.5 mm,
depth 11 mm
380 µL 100 µL 300 rpm 50 mm 39 mmol O2/l/h 250 µL / min
(2.5 VVM)

50% humidity:
6 µL H2O per day

75% humidity:
3 µL H2O per day

150 µL 150 µL
100 µL 300 rpm 25 mm 20 mmol O2/l/h
150 µL 300 rpm 50 mm 32 mmol O2/l/h 250 µL / min
(1.7 VVM)
150 µL 300 rpm 25 mm 16 mmol O2/l/h
200 µL 220 rpm 50 mm 12 mmol O2/l/h 250 µL / min
(1.3 VVM)
200 µL 300 rpm 25 mm 12 mmol O2/l/h



The Applikon Micro-Flask is ideal for the following applications:

  • Growth medium optimization studies
  • Comparative studies e.g. clinical isolates
  • Screening and distribution of clone libraries in E. coli or yeasts
  • High-throughput screening for high-activity or high-productivity mutants
  • High-throughput screening for new enzyme activities or formation of secondary metabolites (heterogeneous culture collections)

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