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Applikon MiniBio

The Applikon miniBio is a multi-use glass autoclavable bioreactor for small volume cultivations
The Applikon miniBio is a true scale down of the laboratory multi-use bioreactor
The Applikon miniBio system consisting of stirred tank bioreactor, controller and sensors

Applikon MiniBio

The Applikon MiniBio is a true scale down of the classic laboratory scale bioreactor. It has the same flexibility, which means that the Applikon MiniBio can be customized to fit the demands of any process. The small volume reduces media costs and maximizes usage of bench space.


Real Small... Real Bioreactors

  • Easy set up and operation
  • Little bench space required
  • Less medium used during cultivation
  • Generate more data in less time

The MiniBio is the perfect device for small-scale operations in the lab. It saves time, takes up less bench space, and generates more data while providing fully scalable results. In combination with our highly efficient BioSep cell separation device, you can convert your batch or fed-batch bioreactor into a small scale continuous bioprocessing system.

The configurable head plate of the bioreactor has Luer fittings that free up space for multiple additions, sensors and fittings and ready-to-go tubing assemblies for a quick start.

Microbial and cell cultures at small scale

Sometimes less leads to more.
The Applikon MiniBio requires less medium and bench space than regular laboratory-scale bioreactors. Scientists can easily run multiple experiments in parallel, generating more data at once to enable efficient scale-up.

Watch the video to view how the MiniBio can speed up your bioprocess.

Features & Specifications

Small size bioreactors

The compact design of the MiniBio allows the scientist to place multiple systems on the valuable bench space. Parallel processing has never been that easy.

Generate scalable results

Running cultivations at small scale allows for quick access to more data. Scientists will have reliable data that simplifies scale-up to higher volumes.


MiniBio 250
MiniBio 500
MiniBio 1000
Total volume (mL) 290 550 1250
Working volume (mL) 200 400 1000
Minimum working volume (mL) 50 100 200
Aspect ratio total volume 2.3 2.1 2.3
Aspect ratio working volume 1.6 1.5 1.9
Dimensions (dxh) 180 x 400 mm 195 x 400 mm 200 x 550 mm
Dimensions for autoclaving (dxh) 180 x 250 mm 195 x 250 mm 200 x 400 mm
Drive system Direct drive, lipsealed Direct drive, lipsealed Direct drive, lipsealed
Maximum stirrer speed (rpm) 50 - 2000 50 - 2000 50 - 1750
Maximum impeller tip speed (m/s) 2.3 2.9 3.5
Impellers Choice of Rushton and Marine
Gas sparger Porous sparger, open pipe sparger or jet sparger
Gas overlay Yes
Exhaust gas Electrically cooled exhaust gas condenser (evaporation <4% per day at 37°C @ 2vvm)
Sampling Fixed sample pipe with optional sampling system
Draining Height adjustable drain pipe
Additions 4 fixed inlet ports and optional micro liquid injectors
pH Measurement: 8 mm classic pH sensor
Control: via acid pump (variable speed pump) or CO2 gas
in combination with alkali pump (variable speed pump)
DO2 Measurement: LumiSens Optical DO2 sensor.
Control: via a combination of N2, Air, O2 (needle valve standard,
MFC optional) and agitation
Temperature Measurement: Pt-100 sensor in thermowell in topplate
Control: electrical cooling and heating jacket via bioreactor wall
Foam Measurement: Height adjustable conductivity based foam sensor
Control: anti-foam addition (variable speed pump)
Level Measurement: Height adjustable conductivity based level sensor
Control: variable speed pump for liquid addition or removal
Optional inlets Septum, chemostat tube, liquid entry system
Optional sensors Biomass, Optical Density, O2 and CO2 off gas, weight balance


The Applikon MiniBio is ideal for the following applications:

  • Screening studies
  • Media optimization
  • Process optimization
  • Microbial and cell culture
  • Batch, Fed-Batch, Perfusion and Continuous cultivation

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