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DPTE®-XS Alpha Port

DPTE® Apha Port
DPTE® Alpha Ports range

DPTE®-XS Alpha Port

The core of the DPTE® transfer system is the Alpha port with its secure interlock enabling totally safe connections and disconnections.

The DPTE® system  enables material to be moved from one sterile zone to another through a non-sterile zone, with leak-tight, risk-free reconnection.

Getinge DPTE® Solutions

Getinge develops, manufactures and supports complete DPTE® transfer systems for aseptic production processes.


Getinge DPTE® Solutions

Getinge DPTE® Solutions

The DPTE® transfer system is recognized as being the safest method for bidirectional transfer in aseptic or toxic working areas, without breaking containment or sterility.

The Alpha port is fixed onto the cleanroom, filling line or isolator wall.

Leak Tight Transfer

Once connected, the Alpha and Beta components join together to form a single unit Tightness is secured by the lip seals of the new assembly which can be opened without breaking sterility or containment.

Ultra-Safe Transfer

The ingenious patented system prevents loss of containment.

The operator cannot open the DPTE® Alpha door when a DPTE® Beta part is not properly connected.

The operator cannot open the DPTE® Alpha door when the DPTE® Beta port is not equipped with the Beta part

The operator cannot disconnect the DPTE® Beta part if the double door is not closed.

Validated Solution

The DPTE® system is a truly compatible match for a perfect fit.

Match your DPTE® Alpha port with the right Beta part from Getinge to protect your operators and your production.

Technical Data

Multiple sizes of DPTE® Alpha port are available: 105 mm, 190 mm, 270 mm, 350 mm and 460 mm.

The DPTE® transfer system is available with both fixed and flexible mountings.

For more info on DPTE® Beta parts, check the relevant web pages.


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Isolator Manipulation Devices

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DPTE®-EXO Alpha Port

The DPTE-EXO is an automated and externally operated rapid transfer port and provides a secure, reliable, and automated transfer solution. Its external opening function was designed to significantly reduce the risk of contamination with gloveless rapid transfers.

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A maintenance-free Single-Use transfer solution for an efficient, flexible and scalable manufacturing process. The prefilled bag with components can be sterilized on-site or can be delivered ready-to-use by our different partners.

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DPTE® Beta Containers

Available in polyethylene or stainless steel, the reusable DPTE® Beta Containers are designed for efficient loading and unloading of components and equipment into a sterile zone. The optional racks stabilize items inside the canisters while they are transferred and sterilized.

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DPTE® Transfer Leak Testers (TLT)

Wireless integrity testers for DPTE® Alpha ports and Beta containers ensuring safe production and process control. Meet current and future regulations with reliable, repeatable, traceable leak detection for rapid transfer port systems.

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DPTE® Transfer Trolley

The smart, mobile transfer platform for use with all DPTE® Beta solutions. Using the DPTE® Transfer Trolley safeguards optimum production efficiency and filling line uptime, guaranteeing the complete integrity of the product inside the DPTE® aseptic transfer system.

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