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DPTE® Transfer Trolley

Getinge DPTE® Transfer Trolley with a DPTE-BetaBag® Tyvek filled with components
Getinge DPTE® Transfer Trolley with a stainless steel DPTE® Beta Container
Getinge DPTE® Transfer Trolley with the bag platform
Getinge DPTE® Transfer Trolley with the container platform

DPTE® Transfer Trolley

The smart, mobile transfer platform for use with all DPTE® Beta solutions.

Using the DPTE® Transfer Trolley safeguards optimum production efficiency and filling line uptime, guaranteeing the complete integrity of the product inside the DPTE® aseptic transfer system.

The DPTE® Transfer Trolley is Safe, Smart and Simple.




Its ergonomic, power-assisted design enables easy handling of heavy and fragile loads within confined spaces, while its smart functions help speed-up manual aseptic zone processes.


Prioritize safety for your people, processes and products.

This solution is power-assisted with enhanced ergonomics for ease of handling. Using it is almost effortless and, because it has been specially designed for the DPTE® system, you never have to worry about the integrity of the DPTE® Beta and Alpha parts.


Work smarter with power-assisted controls. 

Its ease of maneuverability reduces aseptic zone disruption and increases production uptime. Operators gain full command of fine-tuned positioning to achieve the elevations and tilts they need, and can store precise alignments to its onboard memory.


Optimize production, your way.

Only the DPTE® Transfer Trolley combines two aseptic transfer solutions in one product through its cross-compatibility with DPTE-BetaBag® and DPTE® Beta containers (3 diameters). You get double the utility for multiple applications, all within a small, compact footprint.

Getinge DPTE® Transfer Trolley

Getinge DPTE® Transfer Trolley

Key facts

Getinge DPTE® Transfer Trolley with container and bag platforms

Available as one single model with two different configurations

  • Fast changeover between Container and Bag platforms (< 2 minutes)
  • Compact footprint: 592 mm x 908 mm
  • Lifting interval: 900 mm to 1800 mm, max. lifting capacity 60 kg
  • 24-hour battery autonomy and mains power cable back-up
  • IP66 Electrical Components Index compliant
  • Onboard memory for efficient docking
  • Push button controls on the trolley handle
  • Cable Remote Control included
  • Anti-static wheels


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The flexibility of the DPTE® Transfer Trolley extends the value of all DPTE® Alpha port environments by combining support for both single-use DPTE-BetaBag® and DPTE® Beta container solutions.

DPTE®-XS Alpha Port

The core of the DPTE® transfer system is the Alpha Port, the original Rapid Transfer Port, designed to ensure flexible, optimized and cost-effective production with the highest level of process and patient safety. The DPTE® Alpha Port’s safety interlock and lip seal are rigorously tested to ensure reliable and 100% leak-tight transfer.

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A maintenance-free Single-Use transfer solution for an efficient, flexible and scalable manufacturing process. The prefilled bag with components can be sterilized on-site or can be delivered ready-to-use by our different partners.

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DPTE® Beta Containers

Available in polyethylene or stainless steel, the reusable DPTE® Beta Containers are designed for efficient loading and unloading of components and equipment into a sterile zone. The optional racks stabilize items inside the canisters while they are transferred and sterilized.

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