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Getinge HS Lab Steam Sterilizer

Getinge laboratory steam sterilizer
reliable Getinge HS lab steam sterilizer
Laboratory autoclave

Getinge HS Lab Steam Sterilizer

Compact, fully automatic autoclave for laboratory applications

Fully automatic, easy-to-use Getinge HS Lab sterilizers are a fast, compact, and versatile addition to your laboratory.


The versatile and reliable Getinge HS Lab Steam Sterilizer meets your sterilization challenges in a space-saving, compact footprint. A range of pre-programmed sterilization cycles meet the most common laboratory process needs, such as hard goods and liquids in open, vented, or closed containers.

Process Control

Reliable and safe process are the foundation of any laboratory setting. HS Lab controls all system functions. It monitors system operations, and both visually and audibly alerts the operator of cycle malfunctions. Visual indication of chamber temperature and pressure information is available on demand

HS Lab sterilizers meet your needs for traceability and compliance. Cycle performance data is printed during and after cycle completion. The data includes transition points; pressure and temperatures; cycle start time; date; both sterilizer and cycle number; and any alarm that occurred during the cycle.

Program Cycles

The HS Lab autoclave is easy to learn and use. Pre-programmed sterilization cycles include:

  • Hard goods such as utensils and glassware
  • Hot or cold liquids in open or vented containers; the load probe register load temperature on batch report
  • Liquids in rigid closed containers.

Optional additional cycles are available to meet specific processing needs or desired process outcomes.


Construction and Design

The sterilizer is avaialble in single or double door configurations to meet different facility and installation requirements. It can be installed as a cabinet or recessed through the wall.

The chamber and jacket are made of 316L stainless steel to withstand harsh laboratory environments. The interior is designed for cleaning, with highly polished surfaces, radius corners, and a sloped chamber floor.

The sterilizer is designed to be low-maintenance. Pneumatically operated piston valves provide longer service life and less maintenance than electrical solenoid valves. Stainless steel piping is robust and long-lasting.

Steam supply

For facilities with no central steam supply, the Getinge HS Lab Steam Sterilizer can provide an automatic, integral, electrically heated steam generator mounted under the sterilizer chamber.

The integral mounting minimizes the sterilizer’s footprint to preserve valuable floorspace.

Safe operations

Safe operations

In addition to door safety systems, a chamber pressure monitoring system ensures that chamber pressure and temperature are at safe levels prior to the door opening.

As an ‘intrinsic safety’ feature, the chamber is completely vented to atmosphere while the door is in the fully closed and mechanically locked position. The fascia temperature never exceeds 45°C.

Available sizes

Model  Chamber dim. WxHxD mm Usable space WxHxD mm Vol. Litres*
HS 5510 532 x 532 x 1000 520 x 530 x 1000 287/280
HS 6606 672 x 672 x 660 660 x 670 x 660 308/297
HS 6610 672 x 672 x 1000 660 x 670 x 1000 461/449
HS 6613 672 x 672 x 1300 660 x 670 x 1300 595/584

* single door/double door


Labware cleaning and sterilization

Your lab has unique needs and challenges. Our comprehensive range of laboratory washers, sterilizers, chemicals, and loading accessories efficiently ensure that your experiments and tests are free from contamination.

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