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Getinge Lancer LLL Detergent & NLL Neutralizer

Getinge LLL detergent and NLL Neutralizer

Getinge Lancer LLL Detergent & NLL Neutralizer

– for an efficient and consistent washing process

LLL and NLL assure high performance washing by a contamination free process with compatibility between equipment material and chemicals used. Phospathe-free and non-foaming.

For availability check with local SSU.

Washing performance

Laboratory experiments can easily be ruined by contamination and when it comes to quality of reprocessed labware we need to make sure that all glassware are perfectly cleaned.


LLL and NLL are capable of cleaning all different types of contamination including laboratory soils, organic, inorganic residues and other hard to clean soils.

Operator safety

For prevention of confusion and for ease of use, the cleaning chemicals are color coded on the labels and cups to fit Getinge Lancer ULTIMA series, including freestanding and undercounter laboratory washers. The detergent and neutralizer has been produced with operator safety in mind.

Ease of use

The cleaning chemicals are adapted and validated to the dosing pump to fit our Getinge Lancer range of washers from the start. The concentration of the cleaning chemicals is therefore calibrated to each machine for an efficient cleaning process.

Quality control

The chemicals has been developed, tested and validated on Getinge Lancer washers to consistently meet the critical standards for cleaning efficiency.

LLL detergent and NLL neutralizer are manufactured with dedicated production lines and a double filtration system to ensure the integrity of the chemical solutions is maintained. 

The chemicals are none foaming to assure high performance washing.

Glassware and equipment

The LLL detergent and NLL neutralizer are sued, for example, for borosilicate glass, soda-lime glass, fused quartz glass, polymeric material, porcelain and more.


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