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HL 40 Heart-Lung Machine

Heart-Lung Machine HL 40

HL 40 Heart-Lung Machine

Inspired by perfusionists

The advanced perfusion features of the HL 40 support appropriate treatment. A familiar, perfusionist-developed interface minimizes the learning curve to reduce use errors.

Inspired by perfusionists

Surgical perfusion allows no room for error. That’s why the Getinge design team worked closely with perfusionists to identify and implement critical functionality and support best outcomes.

Together, we developed a multi-level, redundant safety system that protects even your high-risk patients during cardiopulmonary bypass.


Familiar interface minimizes error

While the safety features are evolutionary, the HL 40’s user interface is still as intuitive as it has always been. Our clinical partners appreciate the functional, common sense, multi-monitor design, easy set-up, and a minimized learning curve. All necessary parameters are easily accessible; additional values are just a few clicks away.

The HL 40 Heart-Lung Machine is the centerpiece of our surgical perfusion portfolio that hospitals have trusted for more than three decades. The HL 40 provides the necessary flexibility to adapt the system to individual preferences and clinical needs.


Innovative product features for enhanced patient care

Multi-level safety system

The HL 40 puts safety at the forefront of its design. Integrated tools optimize care delivery.

  • A multi-level safety system and redundancy ensures that all critical systems remain functional.
  • Prevent arterial backflow using an automated zero-flow state – without clamping.
  • System touchscreen monitor, roller pumps, and mast pump control monitors are all immediately hot-swappable.

  • Pump-assignable flow-bubble sensors allow for discrete measurement and bubble detection on any pump.
  • Alarm tables and help menus provide alerts with relevant guidance in the users language.

Based on perfusionist’s experience

The HL 40 is a robust design with advanced workspace ergonomics. It was developed in close collaboration with perfusionists and extensively validated in a simulated OR environment for routine use and in critical situations.

  • An intuitive graphical user interface supports efficient navigation and workflow.
  • Streamline charting with MetaVision Perfusion, our advanced point-of-care clinical information system.
  • Cable-free console pumps support an organized workspace, consistent with our legacy HLM.

  • Cable channels allow for safe, hygienic and organized cable routing.
  • Embedded perfusion calculator for frequently required values.

Adapts to your needs

The flexible HL 40 hardware and software allows users to adapt the system to individual preferences and clinical needs. Saved custom configurations provide for efficient workflow.

  • Advanced interfaces are user-configurable.
  • User-defined interface configurations can be set and stored for conventional bypass and minimally invasive procedures.

  • System design allows for in-field adaptation to help perfusionists optimize the workspace.

A long-term commitment

Getinge Heart-Lung Machines are designed to deliver what perfusionists and patients need.
Our safe and reliable systems ensure the uptime of cardiac surgery.

  • HL 40 is designed to ensure optimized uptime through failsafe modes, swap-capable components, and a long-lasting battery backup.
  • Our long-standing market experience and on-site service are the foundation for an extended product lifecycle at a predictable cost.

  • We are a one-supplier interface, with a local presence, on-site service, long-term spare parts availability, a continuous supply of necessary disposables; and preventive service plans.


A clean, streamlined design

The HL 40 Heart-Lung Machine is the centerpiece of Getinge’s perfusion offering containing everything you need for safe and effective patient care.

Getinge-HL-40 details.jpg


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