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Patient Flow Management

Coordinator overviews hospital bed ward capacity in the Getinge INSIGHT patient flow management solution

Patient Flow Management

Complete control of your patient flow from arrival to discharge.

INSIGHT supports process optimization through planning of patient care pathways, timely treatment, and real-time information-sharing across departments. All which help structure workflows and utilize resources more efficiently. 

Complete control of the patient flow from arrival to discharge

Facilitate coordination, collaboration and communication in and across departments with INSIGHT.


INSIGHT is the patient flow management solution that ensures complete coordination, collaboration and communication in and across departments. This helps optimize processes and enables the best possible care for patients.

Experienced customer gains with INSIGHT

INSIGHT has a proven impact on patient throughput, resource utilization, and on the general stress level in and across departments. Download the whitepaper to learn more about the benefits other customers have experienced by implementing INSIGHT.

Download the Evaluating INSIGHT whitepaper here

Key benefits

Hospital bed ward staff discuss patient coordination, bed capacity and discharge process via the INSIGHT patient flow management solution

Effective prioritization with clear patient statuses

Being able to quickly prioritize patients is key to ensuring safe and efficient patient journeys. INSIGHT visualizes key treatment information such as triage levels, specialties, ventilator needs, and planned activities in simple overviews. All to provide staff with the information they need to make better decisions and ensure high standards of care.

As the patient journey is planned, relevant departments are notified and can follow the progress even before the patient arrives. This transparent and immediate information-sharing allows staff to streamline processes and plan ahead. They can assign primary care responsibilities, allocate beds, order tests and much more.

Bed ward nurse discharges patient in time with the INSIGHT patient flow management solution

Cross-hospital bed capacity management

INSIGHT visualizes bed locations and capacities, including cleaning state, reservations, and special features. The scalable overview can be used for local administration in a single department or span the entire hospital. This supports central bed coordination teams in managing and allocating capacities.

From the INSIGHT user interface beds are easily reserved for new or returning patients. This allows staff to prepare and promotes a better patient experience as all is ready for their arrival. As the patient is discharged and the bed marked as unclean, INSIGHT automatically notifies cleaning staff. This enables the support function to plan accordingly.


Surgical progress updates enabling flexible planning

INSIGHT helps maximize the utilization of operating rooms, equipment and resources. During surgery, real-time progress updates from within the OR combined with live video streams are visible at coordinator workstations. This helps reveal delays and allows for quick decision making to keep the surgery schedule on track.

Mobile notifications on significant changes, cancellations and reprioritizations are shared automatically with surgical and service staff. This reduces inefficient waiting time and ensures all is in place for the surgery to start. To allow others to plan ahead accordingly, progress information is shared with collaborating departments and service units. This could be the ICU, recovery, ward, CSSD, and with cleaning teams.


Real-time data dashboards and capacity forecasting

INSIGHT’s graphical dashboards with key department data provide at-a-glance insights into the current load. Thus INSIGHT offers ongoing decision-making for department and C-level alike. Data on inbound patients, transfers and planned discharges builds capacity forecasts, revealing potential overcrowding, bottlenecks, and staff shortages.

Specific areas of concern, e.g. the number of recorded infection cases can be brought into focus with dedicated color-coded counters.

Key features

Staff overview

Visualization of staff on duty

The staff component in INSIGHT offers an overview of who is working and which roles or responsibilities each have. The overview makes it easy to assign patient and activity responsibilities. All  helps optimize the workflow and ensure a more structured and streamlined patient experience.

Staff are presented with their name, profile picture, and contact information, which makes communication easier. It also promotes a silent, disruption-free working environment.

Communication components

Instant messaging and notes for fast, easy and silent communication between departments

INSIGHT promotes easy communication between staff, roles and locations. On-screen updates share information in real-time between relevant screens. Mobile notifications alert key staff of new assignments, changes or delays. Note fields offer one-way messages on hospital or department level. And the chat functionality allows you to contact colleagues, roles or locations directly to share news.

Limiting the number of stress factors such as ringing telephones supports better working conditions for the staff. This increases the overall efficiency, and allows for better and more focused patient treatment.

All INSIGHT communication is silent and sent directly to relevant people to avoid disturbing others in their work.

Patient lists

Filtered overviews of patients and their assigned care activities

INSIGHT patient lists are filtered to provide a dedicated overview relevant for the location of the screen. This could be lists of inbound or waiting patients, patient transfers or planned discharges. Or it could be lists of patients assigned clinical activities such as blood tests, x-rays, examinations or surgery.

Patient lists allows you to follow the progress and prioritize according to the current situation in the department. As well as to the needs of the individual patients. This not only benefits the staff, it also ensures a better, more structured patient experience. All patients are treated safely and on time.

Surgery calendars

Easy overview of the surgery plan and ongoing surgery progress

The surgery calendar visualizes the surgery schedule across a number of operating rooms. Each surgery is colored according to its current status and takes up space pursuant to its duration. This makes it easier for coordinators to plan more efficiently. As a result, INSIGHT supports improved utilization of operating rooms more by limiting ineffective waiting time.

During the surgery, staff inside the OR update INSIGHT when reaching predefined milestones. The progress updates allow coordinators to continuously validate the surgery schedule and adjust in case of deviations. The information is also shared with collaboration departments such as the ICU, ward or CSSD. Thus INSIGHT notifies staff that the patient is soon arriving or that their service is required.

Data dashboard and capacity forecast

Decision-making support for department and hospital management

The INSIGHT dashboards show data from the system in simple, easy-to-decode graphs. This provides staff with quick overview of key performance indicators and the current situation in the department. With this, central coordination units can redistribute resources in acute situations. All contributing to a more streamlined workflow as well as a better and safer patient experience.

Capacity forecasts are based on system information on inbound patients, patient transfers and planned discharges. The graphs visualize potential overloads and allow central coordination units to redistribute resources before the issue becomes a real problem.


Explore the world of patient flow management and the many ways in which Getinge can help you establish structured workflows. All to improve the hospital experience for patients, staff and management.

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