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Maquet Variward

Maquet Variward

Maquet Variward is a fully-integrated modular wall system for intensive care units that is suitable for new buildings as well as modification and expansion projects.

Short construction times, the highest degree of flexibility and a secured investment contribute sustainably to the profitability and efficiency of your hospital.

A flexible system for intensive care units

With the physical and emotional needs of your patients in mind, Maquet Variward optimizes the use of natural colors, wooden decorations and warm materials for a fast recovery and an improved hospital experience of the patient. Maquet Variward even offers specific design options to cheer up your youngest patients.


Wall system

The wall system consists of hard-wearing elements that are made of water-resistant composite board with a sturdy finishing. The system itself is a complete unit - wall elements are sealed down to the substructure.

Due to its flexibility and excellent material characteristics, Maquet Variward is not only the right solution for your intensive care unit, but is also suitable for corridors, nurse desks and other treatment areas outside the OR, such as recovery, patient rooms and even isolation rooms.

Your high performance ICU

Caregivers have the biggest impact on the wellbeing of the patient, with every warm word, every smile and every minute they can spare. Unnecessarily, due to cluttered workspaces, increasing patient throughput and poorly designed workflows the tension of ICU staff is often at a maximum.

With our solution we want to help you optimizing the efficiency of your intensive care workflow. With the room concept Maquet Variward streamlined workflows and appealing design go hand in hand.


Ceiling and Acoustics

A special Maquet Variward ceiling with built-in lights follows the concept of a calming atmosphere for optimum patient recovery. Special diffusor lights with a soft-edged, homogeneous light distribution provide a high light efficiency and ensure glare limitation at the same time.

The acoustic characteristics of the ceiling elements ensure that the nights in a Maquet Variward room invite for a few hours of quiet sleep.

Contributing to a healing environment

According to scientific studies, the usage of wood or wooden decoration in the ICU leads to a reduced feeling of depression and decreased blood pressure.*

With the physical and emotional needs of your patients in mind, Maquet Variward optimizes the use of natural colors, wooden decorations and warm materials for a fast recovery and an improved hospital experience of the patient.

 *Source: Sakuragawa, S, Miyazaki, Y, Kaneko, T, Makita, T. 2005. Influence of wood panels on physiological and psychological responses. J Wood Science

Because design matters

To create an atmosphere that helps anxious patients to relax, Maquet Variward wall elements are available in various colors, designs and finishes. For an individual design with unlimited possibilities wall elements can be printed with pictures and even be combined with a range of glass elements.

Especially for rooms without daylight, illuminated wall windows and the sky ceiling panel can create a sense of open space and stimulate the patient. Optionally, smart glass or glass elements with venetian blinds can create privacy when needed.

Your trusted partner for the intensive care unit

Based on years of experience in hospital planning, Getinge Hospital Solutions can make your ICU a tailor made and ergonomic workstation that streamlines workflows, enhances job effectiveness and reduces staff fatigue. Because both patients and staff appreciate a friendly and comforting atmosphere.

Getinge's intensive care solutions are designed to deliver clinical performance for all patient categories and acuity levels, with focus on simplicity, mobility, reliability and user-friendly features in all product lines.


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