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GSS R Steam Sterilizer for Lab and Biomedical research

Getinge GSS R Steam Sterilizer for Lab and Biomedical research
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two nurses and product GSS R

GSS R Steam Sterilizer for Lab and Biomedical research

GSS R helps you achieve predictability, reliable containment and scientific data integrity in biomedical research facilities.

Sterilization, decontamination and biocontainment are vital in biomedical research facilities such as vivariums and laboratories. Getinge steam sterilizers help secure biosafety levels and scientific data integrity.

Getinge Sterilizer solutions

Getinge develops, manufactures and supports complete steam sterilizer systems for  life science.


With a stainless steel design based on long experience the GSS R Steam Sterilizer ensures containment, accurate process results and operator safety in biomedical research and laboratories. GSS R can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your process and can easily be put into operation due to an advanced process management system and documentation that enables compliance to regulations and ease of validation.

Stainless steel pressure vessel and piping

From the autoclave chamber to process and non-process piping, the GSS R is a solid, stainless steel sterilizer. Machine parts are carefully selected for function and hygiene. The Fascia panels have a vertical grain brush and satin finish for easy cleaning and uniform appearance, and the pressure vessel is robot-welded and highly polished.

Airtight barrier preventing contamination

To prevent cross contamination in BSL3/4 environments, the GSS R can be equipped with a traditional air differential barrier or a true bioseal that guarantees an airtight seal capable of preventing the passage of airborne microorganisms. The GSS R with a bioseal combines a stainless steel flange welded to the chamber, a stainless steel integrated in the wall, and a rubber gasket. For the GSS R with bioseal, the pneumatic tubing is equipped with HEPA filters.

Designed for flexibility

The standard GSS R range with sizes from 0.4 to 9 cubic meters (10 to 400 cubic feet) and key components such as the intuitive HMI, quality piping, sectional jacket design, uniform temperature distribution and accurate process control secure core sterilizing functionality. The built-in flexibility allows for customization and other sizes. Working closely together with you, we design a contamination prevention solution that suits your needs every step of the way- from planning to putting your GSS R into operation.


GSS R Steam Sterilizers are designed around a proven concept that emphasizes easy handling. The user-friendly, ergonomic display and intuitive HMI with presets for common sterilization processes make it easy to use and ensures operator together with process safety, and repeatability in a controlled biomedical research environment.

Technical data



W x   H x D


W x   H x D


 LITRES                           FEET3

GSS 6710

660 x 700 x 1000 mm

26” x 26 ½” x 39 3/8”



GSS 6713

660 x 700 x 1300 mm

26” x 26 ½” x 51 1/4”



GSS 6910

660 x 920 x 1000 mm

26” x 36 ¼”   x 39 3/8”



GSS 6913

660 x 920 x 1350 mm

26” x 36 ¼” x 53 1/8"



GSS 6915

660 x 920 x 1540 mm

26” x 36 ¼” x 60 5/8"



GSS 6917

660 x 920 x 1700 mm

26” x 36 ¼” x 66 7/8"



GSS 71413

670 x 1450 x 1350 mm

26 3/8” x 57 1/8” x 53 1/8”



GSS 91413

870 x 1450 x 1350 mm

34 ¼” x 57 1/8” x 53 1/8”



GSS 91415

870 x 1450 x 1540 mm

34 ¼” x 57 1/8” x 60 5/8”



GSS 91418

870 x 1450 x 1800 mm

34 ¼” x 57 1/8” x 70 7/8”



GSS 91422

870 x 1450 x 2200 mm

34 ¼” x 57 1/8” x 7’ - 2 5/8”



GSS 91815

920 x 1800 x 1540 mm

36 ¼” x 70 7/8” x 60 5/8”



GSS 91825

870 x 1800 x 2500 mm

34 ¼” x 70 7/8” x 8’ - 2 3/8”



GSS 121422

1220 x 1450 x 2200 mm

48” x 57 1/8” x 7’ - 2 5/8”



GSS 92222

870 x 2200 x 2200 mm

34 ¼” x 7’ -  2 5/8” x 7’ - 2 5/8”



GSS 122222

1220 x 2200 x 2200 mm

48” x 7’ -  2 5/8” x 7’ - 2 5/8”



GSS 182222

1800 x 2200 x 2200 mm

70 7/8” x 7’ - 2 5/8” x 7’ - 2 5/8”



Other sizes are available upon request.


Bioreactor preparation solution

Multi-use bioreactors commonly used in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, vaccine and biological research require cleaning and subsequent sterilization between same-work sequences or before new applications are initiated.

Learn more about Getinge bioreactor preparation solution


Best practices for multi-use bioreactor sterilization

Regardless of whether the bioreactor is being prepared for a same-use application or an entirely different one, all bioreactor components, as well as liquid media, must be made ready through an effective and reproducible process.

Read Application brief here!


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