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Protecting the research and external environment

Safe and efficient handling of biohazardous materials

Preventing biohazardous material from contaminating the research environment as well as the external environment is a challenge of utmost importance, especially in BSL-3 and BSL-4 conditions. In addition to assuring research integrity, a good waste handling system will mean personal safety for  technicians and scientists.

Together with Getinge’s biocontainment solutions we can support you to safely and efficiently handle waste materials according to their classifications and bio-safety levels. We can also provide support and guidance regarding your facility layout and material handling to minimize the risk of (cross-) contamination in your working environment.

GEB Steam Sterilizers

The GEB Steam Sterilizers are specifically designed for BSL-3 and BSL-4 facilities as a barrier between hot and cold zones.

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GSS R Steam Sterilizer for Lab and Biomedical research

Sterilization, decontamination and biocontainment are vital in biomedical research facilities such as vivariums and laboratories. Getinge steam sterilizers help secure biosafety levels and scientific data integrity.

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Sterilizer Loading Equipment

The loading system is an integral part of efficient and user-friendly operation of any sterilization system. Getinge supports you with expertise and a wide range of loading equipment for many diverse applications.

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