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Getinge Laboratory Washer and Sterilizer

Labware cleaning & sterilization

Accuracy in lab experiments and tests

Labware free from contamination

Accuracy in laboratory experiments and tests is of critical importance to any lab. Availability of lab utensils and glassware free from residual chemicals and microbiological soils is therefore essential. Equipment used for reprocessing of labware must deliver reliable, repeatable results for a wide variety of lab applications, space and workflow settings.

With each lab’s unique settings and challenges in mind, Getinge can support your lab operations with laboratory washers, sterilizers, chemicals and loading accessories to efficiently ensure contamination free experiments and tests.

Getinge Lancer Ultima Undercounter Laboratory Washers

Getinge Lancer Ultima series washers offer an ideal combination of precision engineering, efficient loading design and com­prehensive controls required to process and document labware washing cycles. Lancer ULTIMA series models are ideal for installation under casework. The compact footprint minimizes need for floor space and maximizes valuable research space.

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Getinge Lancer Ultima Freestanding Laboratory Washers

Getinge offers a comprehensive range of Getinge Lancer Ultima Freestanding Laboratory Washers/Dryers to meet the specific capacity and cleaning requirements for the utensils and glassware in your laboratory.

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Loading Equipment for Getinge Lancer Ultima Laboratory Washers

Reliable glassware washing results require racks and loading equipment made for specific applications. Discover the range of Getinge standard loading equipment to ensure effective cleaning and ergonomic handling of your laboratory items.

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Getinge Lancer LLL Detergent & NLL Neutralizer

LLL and NLL assure high performance washing by a contamination free process with compatibility between equipment material and chemicals used. Phospathe-free and non-foaming. For availability check with local SSU.

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GSS R Steam Sterilizer for Lab and Biomedical research

Sterilization, decontamination and biocontainment are vital in biomedical research facilities such as vivariums and laboratories. Getinge steam sterilizers help secure biosafety levels and scientific data integrity.

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Sterilizer Loading Equipment

The loading system is an integral part of efficient and user-friendly operation of any sterilization system. Getinge supports you with expertise and a wide range of loading equipment for many diverse applications.

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