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Applikon Alcohol Fermentation Monitor

The Applikon Alcohol Fermentation Monitor for simple parallel cultivation
The Applikon Alcohol Fermentation Monitor for accurate measuring of gas from independent fermentations
Six independent cultivations in the Applikon Alcohol Fermentation Monitor

Applikon Alcohol Fermentation Monitor

Simple parallel cultivation for research on yeast

The Applikon Alcohol Fermentation Monitor (AFM) is a robust and user-friendly laboratory parallel fermentation system that allows for accurate comparisons of carbon conversion rates and yields for six simultaneous anaerobic fermentations.


Easily monitor anaerobic, metabolic yeast activity

  • Very user-friendly laboratory device for monitoring anaerobic, metabolic yeast activity for alcohol or (bio)ethanol production
  • Proven value for research and QA purposes in all fields of yeast research and (bio) ethanol production
  • Accurate comparison of conversion rates and yields under different conditions such as temperature, strain type, carbon source or nutrients

Monitoring the amount of gas that evolves from a fermentation broth under well controlled conditions, like temperature, strain type, carbon source or nutrients, is a reliable comparison method that has proven to be very useful in all industries that use anaerobic fermentations. As carbon dioxide production is stoichiometrically coupled with carbon source conversion, very useful metabolic data can be obtained.


The Applikon Alcohol Fermentation Monitor allows for six Schott Duran flasks in parallel. The total volume per vessel is 500 mL with a minimum working volume of 400 mL.

Features & Specifications

Individually controlled stirrer speeds and temperatures

Six independent yeast fermentations can be carried out simultaneously as settings like stirrer speed and temperature can be set or time programmed for each fermenter flask individually. This parallel cultivation optimizes your yeast research. 

Strong magnetic stirrers for viscous media

This easy-to-operate device contains very strong magnetic stirrers to be able to handle very viscous media.

Automatic generation of advanced reports

The Applikon Alcohol Fermentation Monitor is fully controlled with user-friendly control and data anlysis software. This automatically generates reports that contain all measured data, data analysis tables and corresponding graphs.


Total volume (liter) 6 reactors of 500 mL
Minimum working volume (liter) 400 mL
Drive system Magnetically coupled stirrer
Maximum stirrer speed (rpm) 50 - 1450
Impellers Marine type
Temperature Measurement: Pt-100 sensor in central stirrer bar
  Control: heating via central stirrer bar
  Temperature range is + 5 ˚C (ambient) to 75 ˚C
Dimensions (DxWxH) 330 x 920 x 825 (mm)
Empty Weight (kg) 75 kg


The Applikon Alcohol Fermentation Monitor is ideal for the following applications:

  • Quality control of regular/commercial yeast
  • Quality control of traditional feedstock (such as molasses)
  • Conversion of wort into beer
  • Conversion of grape juice into wine
  • Alcohol tolerance and toxicity studies
  • Industrial and academic research on yeast and potable alcohol/bio-ethanol/bio-butanol production
  • Measure conversion rates and yields of lignocellulose hydrolysates into biofuels
  • Test and compare different yeast strains or different feedstock/substrates